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What to do with Schweppes Bitter Lemon?

I recently purchased a bottle of Scheppes Bitter Lemon and am wondering what drinks this could be used in? I assume as a tonic substitute in a G&T,but are there any other recommendations? I didn't have any particular use in mind when I purchased it.Just bought it out of curiousity.

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  1. Sigh, I love that stuff, but it isn't distributed anywhere in this region any longer. It's divine with gin and vodka, and I never aspired to do anything more ambitious than that. Have one and enjoy it for fluffernutter.

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      I would have to agree. Gin or vodka. You have the perfect drink, no need to mess with it. The morning after have a St.Clements.

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        Thanks for the responses.I'll have to give the gin and bitter lemon combo a try.I looked up the St Clements and that sounds good also.My usual weekend morning drink is 1/2 Tropicana OJ and 1/2 Lemonade,so the St. Clements sounds like a good substitute.I'll just have to refrain from the strong temptation to add some gin or vodka to it.

    2. Well, it turns out that what I had was Canada Dry Bitter Lemon,not Schweppes.Don't know if there is much of a difference.Tried it with Gin and it was pretty good,but I prefer a Hendricks and Tonic with juice from half of a lime and a wedge of lime and cucumber. Now that's refreshing.

      1. No reason to not add Gin to it! I also have seen a good recipe for a Dry Malibu Martini to try if your looking for further ideas:

        1 Martini Dry

        1-2 malibu

        1/4 vodka

        1/2 schweppes bitter lemon

        Combine ingredients and ice in a cocktail shaker.Shake well! Serve in Martini glass.

        Extraordinary taste and aroma!

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          Anybody tried Fevertree bitter lemon? How does it compare to Schweppes's?

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            Superior product their Indian Tonic is the best in a G+T but not cheap. The small bottles are best large bottles go flat. Ounce of Plymouth Gin and either 50ml bottle is perfect with ice. Note bitter lemon is no joke its bitter but that's the point.

        2. Pimm's Cup comes to mind.

          1. It's great with sweet vermouth. 3 oz sweet vermouth, 3 oz bitter lemon. A nice aperitif. Or use 1.5 oz sweet vermouth, 1.5 oz dry vermouth and 3 oz bitter lemon for something a little less sweet. Over ice.

            1. Bump.

              Just found my first bitter lemon (Polar- probably not the best, but it's tough to find without ordering online around here).

              Anything other than the standard gin/vodka route (I'm not really a vodka girl)? I'll do Aperol, Campari and Cynar over time, since they're in the house. The vermouth ideas sound interesting. Any quality suggestions?

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                I tried mixing with it, but found it a bit confusing. It is bitter and sweet. All the amari you mentioned are also bitter and sweet. I think they generally benefit from some acid or spirit. If you add acid to bitter lemon, you got a soft drink. So it would seem that gin is the obvious mixer -- making a gin and tonic of sorts. I'd try other spirits, like rum or maybe tequila.

                If you mix an amaro with it, I think you'll want plenty of acidic citrus with it.

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                  What's baffling to me is how SBL with such a following is often not to be found. Quinine beverages are the most expensive to make because they require more sweetener than all others, but still...we'll pay to play.

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                    In a world awash in, as Steve Jobs described it to John Sculley , "sugar water" and artificial flavors, complex bitter-flavored beverages appeal to a limited few.

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                      I recall Steve Jobs recruiting John Sculley from Pepsi, with a question along the lines of: do you want to make a difference in an electronic revolution, or do you want to sell sugar water all your life? It was a calculated aforethought, delivered at the end of the interview, but it clinched the deal.

                      I bought my first ever 4- pack of Fever Tree Bitter Lemon today, in the 6.8 oz. bottles. It is truly bitter! Lovin' it!

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                        Yep, I've adopted Fever Tree as my go-to bitter lemon as well. Still prefer SBL when I can get it, but Fever Tree is very, very good.