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Apr 6, 2009 12:55 PM

Where to buy "happy" lamb legs?

So, Easter is coming up and I'd love to buy a lamb leg to roast. Is there any place where I can get "happy" (natural, organic, free-range, whatever you'd call this) lamb legs in the outer boroughs or even the City?

I was tempted to try some of the halal markets nearby on Atlantic Ave., but after seeing one too many dropped on the sidewalk on the way from the unrefrigerated van they come in, I think I'm going to steer clear.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You don't need to look very far for happy lamb. New Zealand lamb which is quite ubiquitous, at least up here in Montreal, is free range, pastured and hormone free. It is, however, from the other side of the world so I guess you have to choose your battles.

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        Yeah - I'd like to try to keep it local, too. (NZ and Aussie lamb are the ubiquitous options around these parts as well.)

          1. Have you been to Marlow & Daughters -- the Marlow & Sons spin-off butcher shop? All their meat is locally sourced and raised by small producers. The head butcher is really friendly and knowledgeable about the provenance of the meat they sell. I was there a week or so ago, and they definitely had lamb. It's just a few doors down from Marlow & Sons on Broadway, between Bedford and Berry.