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Apr 6, 2009 12:46 PM

Need app ideas for a poker party

We're hosting our first poker tournament at our new place on Saturday, and I seem to have left all of my culinary creativity in our old apartment. We're doing a cheese plate, and assorted chips, crackers, and pretzels, but I need an idea for either a dip or a bite-sized snack that won't be too greasy or sticky, or otherwise get all over the cards. I'll have about an hour to prep and cook. Please, no spinach or large chunks of onion. Thanks!

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  1. "Old Reliable": Bonnies Buffalo Chicken Dip...guys love it. If too messy, chicken and cheese quesadillas using already cooked chicken to cut down prep time.

    1. Fondue.. you can prep the items the night before (par boiled potatos, carrots, green beans, cook the steak) then the day of cut the bread, apples and make the cheese fondue.

      For dessert do Toblarone (sp?) bars and a little cream in a double boiler. Cut up pound cake, strawberries, marshmellows, cookies, other fruit.

      It is one of our poker game favorites.

        1. Sorry, I forgot to specify finger food. We play on a custom-made, casino-quality table, so anything potentially messy is out. I'm really just looking for snacks, not anything even close to a meal. Thanks for the suggestions so far...

          1. How about spiced nuts? Pinwheels maybe? Roasted chickpeas? Chex mix?