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Apr 6, 2009 12:29 PM

Lucky Js Waffle and Fries on Burnet

Across Burnet Rd. from Amy's/Phil's, there's a little red trailer. It wasn't apparent what they were selling, so I stopped to ask. Real nice guy running it.

Unfortunately, I had just committed to boiling crawfish and couldn't purchase. If I'd seen the trailer first, I might have gone in that direction. I won't get to try them until at least Thursday - somebody check it out and post back here!

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  1. ate there earlier this week. its good. huge portions, but very good. check it out.

      1. I've tried this place. Thought "The Deal" was a steal -- two big waffles and a half of a fried chicken in pieces on top, plus real maple syrup & honey butter, for $7.99. All of it was made fresh after my companion & I ordered, and stayed nice and hot long enough for us to find a picnic table at a nearby park. The waffles were great. The chicken was moist and tender with a nice crispy batter, but could have stood to be seasoned a bit more aggressively, I thought. Not quite salty enough for my taste. But overall we were happy with the food and it was a lot of fun.

        1. I saw this post and was really excited to try this place. I just went today and it was pretty good. I agree that "The Deal" is a really good deal b/c you get a lot for your money. I also agree that the fried chicken could use more salt, especially to contrast with the sweet waffles. The owner said that outdoor seating is coming soon.

          1. Their website says:

            "Starting May 1st, Lucky J’s will be taking over the building next to our trailer. Stage one will include indoor seating, public restrooms and a garden seating section out back. In the months to come we will be putting a commercial kitchen on the property and expanding our menu. Also look for more trailers popping up at our location soon as we launch several other concepts!"

            Anybody else been?

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              I went on Tuesday with very high expectations. I LOVE fried chicken and keep hearing about the place so I had to stop by during lunch. I got "the deal" which was surprisingly huge and cheap! I loved the batter on the chicken and the little waffle surprises sitting underneath my 4 pieces of chicken. I will definitely be going back. My only complaint was that I had to use plastic utencils to cut the very crispy chicken and my fork broke. I really wanted to cut it up so I could roll it all in a waffle. Maybe when it has inside seating real silverware will be an option?

                1. re: brattpowered

                  I totally agree, using your fingers to eat is one of the many reasons I love all ten of them. However, I had a couple of dilemmas...One being that I had to drive back to work and there is nowhere to wash your hands there, the thought of having sticky syrupy fingers while driving in 100 degree temperatures sounded just awful. Two was that the chicken had just come out of the's HOT! I didn't want to burn those ever-so useful fingers of mine.

                  1. re: ambr17h

                    Hmm.. those are some valid concerns. Perhaps a bottle of water and a piece of cloth would suffice for some parking lot hand washing, but the heat factor would be the clincher. You don't want to be faced with some crispy, aromatic fried chicken that you can't eat without burning your fingers. Perhaps keep a metal fork in the car with you for emergency situations such as this?

                    But I agree, having them supplied there would be ideal.