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Apr 6, 2009 12:22 PM

Sushi Sho is For Sale!

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$88000 Succesful Sushi Restaurant for sale on Solano Ave.

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Date: 2009-04-06, 11:23AM PDT

1645 Solano Avenue Berkeley, CA 94707

Very succesful Japanese Sushi restaurant for sale. Busy Solano Ave., in Berkeley. Owner want to retired after 24 years. Custmom made this restaurant is attractive, clean, and popular.

Showing information. Call owner to set an appointment. (510)525-4551 4PM-6PM or (510) 222-1655 10am-2pm

Sushi Sho
1645 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707

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    1. re: Missmoo

      The main beauty of the place, aside from some extremely fresh fish, is the owner himself. Regardless of all his critics, I always liked him and what he served.

      1. re: Dan Wodarcyk

        I am saddened to hear that they are selling this place. Berkeley chowhounds should make the trek to experience this unique restaurant before its gone.