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Apr 6, 2009 12:11 PM

Budget-conscious lunch for 20 in DC -- recs?

Having a celebration lunch for colleagues in DC or Arlington at the end of April and location is my choice (they think it's a chore -- I think lucky me!) Budget is about $50-60 per person including drinks, tax and tip. Assuming the weather is nice, we'd love to be outside but not necessary. No sushi. I was thinking about Zaytinya, which is pretty spacious and not super expensive -- or Marvin, which I know is tighter but has a great roofdeck for afterwards. Would love other suggestions.

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  1. PS7 has an outdoor patio area which is nice and can fit 20 people. For lunch you can def. get out of there for $50/person or so.

    Sette Osteria has a nice outdoor area as does Tabard Inn.

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      PS7 is a good idea, though I wonder if they'd give over their whole patio to us without charging a fee. Also, the crowd is big on meat and seafood. Any other thoughts?