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Apr 6, 2009 11:49 AM

Upper West Side, cool spots and tasty food on a low budget

Hello! I will be staying in the Upper West Side for the first time(I usually stay in East Village) and was hoping for some suggestions for some tasty grub. I dont want to spend a boatload. I would say per person for breakfast $10, lunch $10 and dinner $20 or even a little more if its really good, plus drinks. Any suggestions? I will only be in town for 2 nights and my first night I will be arriving at the airport at 8pm, so a recommendation for something open a little late for dinner would be great to, THANKS SO MUCH!

I'm staying on 87th between Amsterdam & Columbus, I would also love a few suggestions for some cool bars and things to do. I like bars and restaurants with a good atmosphere but friendly surface, nothing too stuffy:)

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  1. For restaurants, there's this great vegan restaurant called "Blossom" on 85th and Columbus. I'm nowhere near vegan, but the food is great and you can definitely get a good meal for under $20 for either lunch or dinner.

    There's also Jackson Hole on 85th and Columbus which is mostly burgers, but they're well priced and HUGE. They have a bar inside too, so it might be a good meal for your buck.

    1. kefi if you order carefully

      1. Celeste (Amsterdam btw 84/85) offers good Neopolitan food at reasonable prices (cash only). A bit more pricey, but Bistro Citron (Columbus btw 82/83) is excellent classic bistro fare. La Mirabelle (86th, just west of Columbus) is also very good.

        1. Hmm...
          Would suggest maybe B. Cafe (Belgian rather than French, good beers, basic comfort foods) over Bistro Citron, and it's a bit cheaper I think. Agree with the recommendation to try Celeste -- but be warned that it's often packed during prime time, though the turnover is quick. Kefi is also a good choice.

          For breakfast/brunch Good Enough to Eat is the classic recommendation -- if you're alone you can probably snag a seat at the bar without much of a wait on a weekend.

          For burgers, would avoid Jackson Hole (their burgers are huge but sort of soggy/steamed) in favor of the new Shake Shack on Columbus near the Museum of Natural History. The burger at French Roast on Broadway is also decent.

          Another good choice might be Land Thai -- they have a lunch special that fits your price range during the week and dinner is quite cheap as well if you order carefully.

          1. George Keeley's has great beer and burgers. It might look like a simple pub, but they are a cut above. Barney Greengrass really sets the standard for breakfast for me in the neighborhood, and though their bagels and lox will cost you a bit more than $10, it is well worth it. Otherwise I'd also consider visiting Malecon No. 2, Flor de Mayo, Saigon Grill, Land Thai, or Pio Pio.