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food shapes

i'm writing a story where a phalanx of scabbards are unsheathed to reveal various foods, and would love your help in determining what foods i haven't thought of which also have the right shape for scabbard sheathing.
these are the ones i have so far: sugar cane, plantain, carrot, asparagus, banana, cucumber, zucchini.

(i know some squashes could count, but i don't know the names of specific ones that would fit the shape)

what else is there?


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  1. What about fish? They have the same general shape you're looking for.

    1. Sting beans, snow peas?????

      1. Bamboo shoots just cut from the ground, not the canned garbage.
        Celery sticks
        Lemon Grass
        A stem of Brussels Sprouts

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              I want to hug you for suggesting crullers.

              1. Hearts of Palm
                Rutabaga, sort of
                Corn on the Cob, somehow in reverse

                1. hot peppers
                  pork tenderloin
                  beef tenderloin
                  blocks of cheese
                  ice cream sandwiches
                  king crab legs

                  1. great job everyone. this is just the kind of list i needed.
                    okra is a ltitle short for what i'm looking for (but funny enough that i think i'll use it for the final knight)

                    lemongrass and leeks - beautiful!

                    thank you!

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                      Well, don't forget peas in their pod, bamboo shoots, Belgian endive, Japanese eggplant... Shirley there are more...!

                    2. corn on the cob or a baguette!