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Apr 6, 2009 11:33 AM

Exceptional Regional Cheese Available in Vancoucouver?

We'll be in Vancouver in about a month. Can anyone suggest any cheese made in the region that's not available elsewhere, & which stores carry it? We tend to prefer stronger flavors over mild, aged over young, sheep's or goat's over cow's milk. Yes, we're already happily aware of Sally Jackson's (western Washington) world-class cheese. Any other treasures lurking out there? Cheers!

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  1. Mount Pleasant Cheese specializes in Canadian artisinal regional cheese:

    Les Amis du Fromage has a bigger selection of imported cheeses and is worth the trip as well. The Farmer's Markets are also a good source of artisinal cheese.

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      Perhaps not quite what you're looking for as it is young and mild, but if you can get your mitts on some Little Qualicum cheese curds and you like that sort of thing, you will be very happy.

      1. re: grayelf

        For specific cheeses that I have tried and liked -

        Little Qualicum's curds are excellent.
        Moonstruck's Ash-ripened Camembert
        Gort's Aged Gouda
        Jerseyland Organic Aged Cheddar.

        I really haven't tried that many local cheeses...something I must correct soon.

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          Another one for the OP to keep an eye out for Nostrala from Kootenay Alpine Cheese in Lister -- may be more to your taste, Fish Tales.

          The farmers' markets are a good place to find these cheeses, though we are kinda betwixt and between right now. Definitely hit up Mt Pleasant and Les Amis (there's a new one on Hastings nearish Gourmet Warehouse if you're out that way).

          Les Amis Du Fromage
          1752 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J, CA

          Mount Pleasant Cheese
          3432 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z, CA

    2. Salt Spring Island has goat cheese that a lot of people rave about.

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      1. re: gourmet wife

        We'd heard about Les Amis du Fromage & (living now in a relatively cheeseless desert) were looking forward to that. But Mount Pleasant Cheese & the specific rec's will make Vancouver more like Vancouver than an anonymous big city. Thank you all, & for the links too.

        & curds, ah yes. Once in Wisconsin, usa, we were able to buy some that had been made the same morning. Hint: if they're no longer 'squeaky' put them in the microwave a few seconds.


        (I got distracted while typing the original message title & now can't seem to undo it. Sorry...)

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          I've tried the microwave trick and it's okay but not the same as "same day" squeakers, which can't be beat. If you want to fix the title I think you can report it...

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            Right you are, they're not the same as 'same day.' We've never lived in a place where we could get fresh curds so when we travel we get more than 1 bag. The microwave trick is better than nothing, but...

        2. re: gourmet wife

          I adored the Salt Spring Island "Blue Juliette". It's a soft goa'ts cheese that has a blue rind. At room temp, it's a bit runny, very complex, with the right hint of blue.I even traveled all the way there to buy it (among other artsy activities). However, the last time I bought it at IGA, I found it to be too young and the center was even hard. I haven't bought it since. I wonder if it was just that batch and if it's since improved. Give it a try. It's one cheese I highly recommend. I believe they are sold in Choices. They also have a truffle topped goat's cheese that's very yummy as a spread.

          1. re: smel

            I've not had it recently, but I agree, the Blue Juliette is fantastic. I've gotten mine at Les Amis before.

            I read an article last year in the Globe and Mail about Poplar Grove Cheese, specifically the Tiger Blue. It sounded delicious, and it's from the Okanagan. They are a winery as well, which makes them pretty unique!

            Benson Brothers in Kerrisdale at 41st Ave and West Blvd just had a tasting of Poplar Grove Wines, so they should carry the cheese.

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              YES! I just tried their Blue Juliette for the first time recently, and it's a lovely pairing of goat's cheese and blue flavours. I bought mine at Bosa Foods on a lark and loved it. Mine was nice and soft, and got even more runny as the cheese aged some more in the fridge. Delicious smeared on some baguette!

              I also second Poplar Grove cheeses. I love their Tiger Blue and nice 'n stinky Harvest Moon.

          2. Gonna make a plug here for a local goat's cheese producer, Carmelis (Kelowna, BC).

            Amazing products, amazing story. Worth having a look for when you're in Vancouver!

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              The cheese on their website looks real good, thanks much. Cheers!

            2. Tiger Blue out of the Okanagan is outstanding.

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                Thanks to all for the Tiger Blue & Blue Juliette recommendations. This just gets better & better. Cheers!