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Apr 6, 2009 11:06 AM

Chicago Beers in DC/VA/MD

I know with Obama's recent entrance into DC, there was talk about Chicago beers being brought into DC. Does anyone know if they are still around and if so where can they be found? Specifically I was looking to buy them in bottle form but if not I will drag myself to a bar. Goose Island anyone?

For that matter, where is the best place to buy unique beers in this area?

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  1. Seen Goose Island at a few places recently, including at the Wine Specialist and this past Saturday at Chevy Chase Wine, when I picked up a sixer of Honker's Ale (which is pretty tasty).

    Chevy Chase Wine is probably the best place for finding unique beers in the area. Rodman's on Wisconsin would be my second pick (they have a guy there who's been doing a bang-up job with their beer department).

    1. Hey.....I am a Chicago guy too....
      Um, the brickskeller or DA's RFD on 7th might have goose

      But other than that, There is not too many places to find them. Mil. Wisc beers are around. I saw Lake Front at Total Wine about 3 months ago. Not a big calling out east for Chicago Beers though

      1. My brother the hop-head recommends this store in Columbia, MD. I would give them a call before hauling out there to see what they carry, and/or if they could order you a specific label.

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          Perfect Pour does have an entire wall of US beers -- on top of several aisles of foreign ones. It is really convenient off 95 at Rte 175 if you're driving from DC or Baltimore.

        2. Billy Goat Tavern has Old Style in the can. But that's probably not what you're looking for. :)

          1. By "Chicago" beers, what breweries are you referring to exactly besides Goose Island? Rock Bottom? Piece? I cant think of any in the city. Maybe Two Brothers? Or are you saying beers you can get in Chicago that you cant get here like Three Floyds or Flossmoor Station or even some WI/MN brands (Sprecher, Capital and Surly come to mind)? I know we can get Bells here which I had always associated with Chicago despite being a MI beer and despite the fact that it was no longer available in Chicago for years up until recently. Its very rare youll see things like Three Floyds or Two Brothers though.