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Apr 6, 2009 10:53 AM

Leftover corn tortillas...suggestions?

In need of suggestions for what to do with l/o corn tortillas, please.

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  1. Cut them into wedges and make tortilla chips.

    1. Make migas:

      (I don't know this recipe, but offer it as a starting point if it sounds good to you and you're not familiar with this dish--I just googled it.)

      1. Yep, homemade chips are a good idea but then, you'd need something to put on them...Goodhealthgourmet's Smoky Black Bean Dip on this board is great...just made it again this weekend using pinto beans, worked beautifully.

        If you have any leftover cooked chicken, you can make a casserole...there are a ton of such recipes 'out there' on the 'net. Maybe tortilla soup? I've found that they do keep for quite a long time.

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          Val, thanks for the inspiration. I had not seen/noticed GHG's smoky black bean dip till this thread. I made it for the first time tonight (after reading this) and made a wonderful Mexi-lasagna using several of the corn tortillas we had leftover, too. I did tortillas on the bottom, then turkey taco meat, then another layer of tortillas with GHG's dip and shredded cheese. It is cold and rainy here and it was nice to have something baking in the oven to warm up the house a bit. And now we have plenty of leftovers, too. Thanks to you and bear and GHG for a lovely collaborative effort. :)

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            happy to spread the joy around...I kind of alternate now between homemade hummus and GHG's bean dip for healthier snacks to have around during the week. I found some good low-sodium blue corn chips for the bean dip...just a little when I need a salty-type of snack but that bean dip is darned good with fresh red bell pepper strips too.

          2. re: Val

            I make a chicken and tortilla casserole with salsa, cheese and chicken and chilies which I love

            Tortilla soup is a favorite and chips of course.

            Black bean dip is always a hit

            I love to serve a nice grilled veggie salad on it. 1 grilled tortilla with the salad and a salsa vinaigrette is great.

            How about a light veggie pizza, a light pesto or sauce, some light veggies and cheese. Not heavy, just light.

          3. Some kind of Mexican lasagna? Tortillas = noodles in this case.

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              Yeah, like chilaquiles...that would be great. I haven't made them enough to have a favorite recipe, but would love to see some recipes here. :)

            2. Migas and chilaquiles are certainly the classic uses for leftover tortillas, but personally, I usually just throw them onto the gas flame for about 20 seconds a side, until they're lightly scorched, and eat them out of hand.