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Apr 6, 2009 10:26 AM

BLT Steak Miami, not to be confused with the yet to open STK Steak

Anyone been to, yawn, the newest steakhouse in Miami, BLT Steak in the Betsy Hotel? I am a big fan of BLT Burger in the Mirage in Vegas, but how many more steakhouses can this city handle?

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  1. I went last night solid meal all around bread was great, gnocci was eeh, corn was very good, potatoes gratin were very good, ribeye was very good but not as good as sardinias - better steak than p112. Bluberry lemon pie was good. P112 beats it on sides and dessert.

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      I finally went last night for the first time. It made Prime 112 taste like Sizzler. Had the special---an american waygu flap steak--medium, per the incredibly talented 25 year old chef. It was served with a chimichuri sauce. Stellar. Hubby had the other special, a hunk of a piece of meat, also a special, medium rare. Forgive me but I forget the cut. Was very tasty, if not a little too fatty. Would like to go back and just try the tried and true filet next time.

      To begin with, they started us with some fresh country bread, served with pate. Divine! A side of pickled veggies reminded me of retro steak joints, but this was gourmet and I love pickles and peppers (duh, my name) so it was a welcome surprise. After that, two monstrous cheese popovers complete with recipe card attached> i think they did that when DeVito first opened , but still found it a very charming touch. Popovers came with butter and a side of sea salt. heaven!

      For starters, I had tuna tar tare--tasty, but not the best. Hubby had oysters and said they were fab and compared to some he had in North Florida recently. We also tried the hamachi served with some mini, mini pickles in a very delicious citrus sauce.

      Side dishes were my faves: hen of the woods mushrooms--havent seen these anywhere down here at all! jalapeno mashed potatoes. Kicky but not as hot as I'd like, though I am a masochist in that way.

      We sat outside and enjoyed the ocean breezes. Beautiful setting. Inside was inviting as well, very soothing and unlike most hardcore steakhouses..felt like somewhere in , say, Bermuda. Loved the laid back vibe.

      Prices were not brutal at all---on par with high end area restaurants, maybe even a little less expensive, and worth every penny. Service was equally stellar , knowledgeable, and swift.

      They have a great bar as well.

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        I agree with you HJ. Very accurate review. Unlike many on here I was a big fan of P112 until my last visit. We opted for BLT on Father's Day after my last meal on P112 just was not as good as it should have been. First, the steaks packed so much flavor I was surprised. I had not had such a flavorful steak in Miami. My wife opted for the roast chicken and I give them a lot of credit for putting forward an excellent chicken dish and not merely having it there as dressing for the steak uninclined. Service was excellent (by Miami standards AND most others), sides were delicious (kudos for not forcing truffle oil into the mac&cheese), nice presentation and beautiful venue. I enjoyed the bar, the signature drinks being somewhat sweet for cocktail purists but of an enjoyable tropical slant nonetheless.

        Typically, I enjoy the steaks I eat more at non-steakhouse restaurants yet I would go back to BLT in a heartbeat.

    2. We went to BLT Steak last weekend. The warm chicken liver mousse, pickled vegetables, and popovers they bring out to start are alone worth a visit. The list of daily specials was more interesting than the fairly standard steakhouse fare on the regular menu.

      We had some ups and downs.
      Ups - porchetta di testa starter (using the Chris Cosentino recipe); 40-oz porterhouse to share (though not as good as the steak I had recently at Bern's in Tampa); key lime panna cotta w coconut sorbet.
      Decent - onion rings, creamed spinach, molten chocolate cake
      Downs - bland grilled swordfish; gummy "crispy gnudi".

      Still showed enough promise to be worth a return. More info here ->

      1. I had a very enjoyable meal here recently. I'm a fan of chicken liver and their complimentary starter didn't disappoint. A non chicken liver fan at the table liked it too before she knew what it was... The popovers were a hit at the table.

        I started with the grilled octopus special which was very good. I followed that up with a great bone in ribeye. This was cooked perfectly (medium rare) and seasoned very well. The bone marrow on the side was a nice touch Everything about the steak was great. I tried several sides with the hen of the woods mushrooms being my favorite.

        I would definitely go back for that ribeye but they also had some non steak specials that sounded good too.

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        1. re: The Chowfather

          I've been back several times since my original post here and have also been impressed. Of course, I have also heard some not so good things about BLT, but that's what you get here. I hope that kid Gorenstein gets the Beard award!

          1. re: HabaneroJane

            PS: I have also been to STK. Has anyone else? Food was good, I think, but I couldn't tell because it was SO LOUD IN THERE. DJ booth in the dining room explains it all.

          2. re: The Chowfather

            I think that's the steak that won me over as well.

            Love the reviews I've seen elsewhere saying "Their churrasco was o.k."

            1. re: Icantread

              Went to STK last night. Had a 9:45 reservation for 3 and when we were still not seated at 11:00---we decided to leave. The host staff was rude and many others were overheard complaining loudly. The music is way too loud but the attitude of the staff says it all. Interestingly, I have dined several times at STK in NYC and really enjoyed it there. We ended up eating a late dinner at Osteria del Teatro which was superb----so all was not lost!