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Apr 6, 2009 10:24 AM

Wein, Vienna need rec. near Hotel Imperial

Last minute plea for ideas as above or easy on public transport. Prefer fish or lighter meats (well except foie gras). Come from San Francisco so have lot of great restaurants there but looking for not too expensive (the dollar isn't what it used to be :(), or hole in the wall or working class. Maybe one splurge.

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  1. Well, you know, the Hotel Imperial is one of the best and most expensive hotels here in Vienna, so you could save a lot by sleeping elsewhere...

    Of course, if you HAVE TO stay there, there is a great way to save money by visiting McDonalds just around the corner !!

    Wait: you do not pay for the hotel, just for your dining ??

    You are lucky: just across the street is also a nice cafe, the Schwarzenberg. And if you use your feet you can actually move quite easily farther into the inner city and explore the treats you can find there. The city is FULL of restaurants, most of them of course just tourist traps, find out yourself what is a trap and what a real find !!

    P.S.: make a search of the board for more hints...

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    1. re: Sturmi

      Well got an exceptional rate - not breaking the bank.
      I forgot to do a search before I left home and only have limited internet access now so if anyone is willing to be kind and give me some
      recommendations (not tourist traps) I'd appreciate it.
      We're usually a bit more friendly to newbies on the SF board ;)

      1. re: estnet

        Sorry if I was appearing to be unfriendly. It just was somewhat unreal: someone sleeping in Hotel Imperial looking for "hole-in-the-wall" spots...

        So, if you want nice, quite inexpensive places close to Imperial try Beim Czaak in Postgasse, or Zu den drei Hacken and Pfudl right nearby. Immervoll on Weihbugrgasse is also quite nice, especially when sitting outdoors on the Franziskanerplatz.

        I would also recommend the Naschmarkt, if you avoid Saturday mornings. And my recommendation of Cafe Schwarzenberg was honest, and there are other cafes in walking distance I recommend to try, just as Prückel, Tirolerhof, Frauenhuber, Bräunerhof and Havelka.

        "Working class" eateries are found more in the outer districts, and be prepared: the working class here likes to eat well and pays good money for good food, just like in Italy or France...

    2. Don't leave the hotel without having their very delicious Imperial Torte, far better than what Sacher across the street has to offer. Don't bother with that tourist trap.

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      1. re: glbtrtr

        Thanks so much - the rate I have at the hotel is quite special (a once in a lifetime thing) and I didn't want people to think I had the kind of money people do who usually stay there.

        I only asked about hole in the wall places b/c some of the best food (ethnic) for good prices is often to be found there in my hometown - but that may not be the same here. I don't mind spending once or twice for a splurge - but I am used to amazing dinners (Michelan 2 or 3 star) in my home city for around US 125 and with the lowering of the value of the dollar (I remember when it was $.80 = 1 euro - so you know I'm old) I wanted to get some cheaper recommendations. Also I really know little about the cuisine here so I'd like to experiment a bit (which I hope to do a bit at the market as well).

        I am definitely planning to visit the Naschmarkt, but so far from just wandering around it looks like it may be a bit of a challenge to find less "heavy" foods but it will be fun!

        Any further input appreciated :)

        1. re: estnet

          Wow! I'd LOVE to find out what your hometown is!!! I don't think I've ever had a 2 Michelin star, let alone 3 (!!) star resto meal for that bargain of a price. Do share.

          And Vienna (Wien) isn't all cream sauces, pastries, and Palatschinken... even tho those are probably some of the tastiest things '-)

          Mushrooms, veal, venison, trout.... all happy things found on Austrian plates. Good eats.

          1. re: linguafood

            Happy to oblige - tada.... San Francisco area (okay the 3 star might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but still get some excellent value at many different prices in that area). Last night I ate at Zu Den Drie Hackn - where I had roast pork, with bread dumpling and sauerkraut. The portion was huge!, but I confirmed that sauerkraut is not one of my favorites (felt I had to give it one more try at a good place) and I found the pork quite overdone. A very pleasant place, nonetheless, and the lamb liver (not on the menu) my neighbor had looked yummy - had I not overindulged in foie gras while in Paris I would have ordered that. There was an additional charge of 3 euros which wasn't listed on the menu as a cover charge and when I asked was told it was for bread - is this common and is iit per piece or for the whole basket?

            I'll keep my eyes peeled for trout - preferably not fried - although I did notice on my wanderings through the Naschmarkt that fish seems rather highly priced.

            Are there any ethnic restaurants worth mentioning where the fare might be, umm, a bit less "hearty"? I have already enjoyed a schwarma sandwich and probably will again before I leave.

            BTW the list I was given generated some smiles at the front desk when I asked for directions and comments of "these are all very nice restaurants" - so clearly you are steering me in good directions!

            1. re: estnet

              After roast pork and sauerkraut in the 3 Hacken you are ready for lighter mediterrean fare !!

              If you want fresh fish, from the sea and not from aquaculture, of course a little bit on the expensive side that far from the sea, go to Marc Aurelstrasse (close to Hoher Markt) to Kornat (croatian style) or Enoteca Cinque Terre (italian style). Right next door is a french bistro called Le Salzgries, where you can also get fruit de mer plates with oysters and crabs and french bistro food.

              Another, less known foodie area is on Lerchenfelderstrasse, with two more croation seafood places (Konoba on 66-68, Konoba Dalmatia on 88-90, yes these houses have double numbers !). And a little bit farther out is Pars, the best iranian place in town, always full of Iranians and locals fond of iranian cuisine. Definitely recommended.

              Döner kebab, Schawarma and falafel: The best kebab is at Asala, a halal place on Alserstrasse, and the best falafel is at Sababa on Rotenturmstrasse, a small jewish hole-in-the wall place with many muslim guests. You can sit in the open and eat either a pita with falafel or a plate full of falafel and salads. Great arabian coffee !!

              For Austrian cuisine with a lighter twist we prefer Zum Finsteren Stern in the inner city, on Schulhof, easy to be missed because it has no sign on the front. They open only evenings Monday to Friday and have a wonderful outdoor dining area. A little bit more in the outer districts is Kutschker44 in Kutschkergasse, also open only for dinner and offering outdoor sitting. And after dinner you may get some italian icecream at De Rocco next door...

              For lunch there is a wonderful place called Flein in the garden of Palais Clam-Callas on Währingerstrasse, also open only Mondays to Fridays...

              More lunch options: When you visit the museum area you will find several restaurants in the Museumsquartier, but take the stairs upstairs to the Glacisbeisl, which has a nice garden for a quiet lunch with sun and fresh air right in the city.

              Re cover charge: some charge for cover, some not. If they charge, a bread basket and cloth napkins should be included. And yes, it is mentioned in the menu.

              Attention: Many restaurants will be closed on Sunday and Monday for Easter holidays !! Sunday open places include the Eisvogel on Riesenradplatz, the Schweizerhaus in the Prater area, the Wirtshaus im Palais Kinsky and, for some great tuscan food, Cantinetta Antinori close to St.Stephens Cathedral. A last resort may be the Do&Co at St.Stephen or at the Albertina, but I think they overcharge you...