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Apr 6, 2009 10:19 AM

Kosher catering in Philadelphia

Can anyone recommended a Kosher caterer or restaurant in the Philadelphia area that could cater a smallish kiddush-type lunch for a baby naming? I have already contacted Betty the Caterer and they have a minimum dollar amount that I won't be able to meet.

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  1. try Ann Hirsh catering at 610-664-5327

    1. I Max and Davids will do small catering jobs.

      1. Axelrod food designs did our sons bris 1.5 years ago at BZBI synagogue and did a great job. It was bagels, lox (very high quality lox) and other fish, and good quiches for 50. I thought the price was reasonable and they did a very pretty set-up. I don't remember them having a problem with smaller numbers (when we weren't sure of the number at first). And we were eating leftovers for weeks, which was great with a new baby! Thank you.