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Apr 6, 2009 10:11 AM

Best Baguettes

Who makes the best baguettes in LA?

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  1. Eilat Bakery in Valley Village, but it is Pesach so you will need to wait until after the holiday.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Well, Pesach doesn't start until Wed. sundown, so maybe if you rush over there ....

      1. re: ozhead

        I doubt it -- I assume they'll be putting the flour in hock and sweeping up the chometz today and tomorrow.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          This is a really interesting and delicious argument, but why doesn't someone just pick up the phone?

          1. re: Mel Gee

            Because I'm on the world's most boring conference call.

    2. the ones at Huckleberry in SM are worth a try. I was pleaseantly suprised. They don;t have them until after 9am or 10am, i can't remember which.

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      1. re: NYCnowLA

        I've been planning on picking up one of those loaves of bread that looks like a giant pregnant ciabatta, but I don't think we can finish it before having to make bread crumbs or croutons out of it. Have you tried any of their other breads? The certainly look great.

        1. re: bulavinaka

          I've tried their baguette and ciabatta and both are very good, I've frozen some of both and they reheat fine. I need to try their boule....

          1. re: baloney

            We freeze their individual-size ciabatta and use them through the week and get a baguette for Sunday or Monday. We've even had good luck with their sliced loaves. The companile holds up well, and we usually make toast or sandwiches with it during the week. The texture of their breads is superb in my eyes. The crust and varied air holes tells me they're doing a lot of things right in their bakery.

      2. A couple of dozen fresh varieties plus various rolls available at Bottega Louie this morning. The bakery is open from 6:30 AM to 11 PM at night!

        1. I'm pleased with the ones from Lee's Sandwich's

          1. French Market Cafe on Abbot Kinney in Venice has very nice baguettes most mornings.

            3 Square also on Abbot Kinney in Venice has large baguettes (don't know if there's some French law that would prevent these from calling these beasts baguettes) that have a heavier crust and great rustic texture inside. They don't always have them but I'm close enough to where I can look through their window to check.

            The Sunday farmers market on Grandview in Mar Vista has a bakery stand (sorry - can't remember the bakery's name) that sells various European-style breads, including some very nice baguettes, as well as killer ciabattas (individual-sized squares and 2-foot long loaves).

            3 Square Cafe
            1121 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

            Mar Vista Farmers Market
            Venice Blvd and Grand View Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

            French Market Cafe
            2321 Abbot Kinney Blvd Ste 200, Venice, CA 90291

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            1. re: bulavinaka

              The bakery's name at the Sunday farmers market on Grandview is:

              Les Delices Du Four French Bakery