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best jin deui , matuan, jen dai, ma yuan or fried sesame balls in the GTA?

Have a cousin visiting who loves these things- after taking her to dim sum, and ordering a bunch of dishes, I asked her which was her favourite, and she answered the sesame balls.

Would like to know which bakeries or restaurants do the best versions- with the freshest oil. My main complaint with some of the deep-fried dishes around town is that the oil isn't been changed frequently enough. My taste buds are getting more sensitive to stale oil as I get older :)


Thanks for any of your suggestions!

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  1. Oh man. I remember finishing off every dim sum meal I had with my father growing up with these things.

    The bakery on Baldwin has them but I haven't been in a long time so I can't really state what the quality is nowadays.

    Sidenote - Does anyone remember the name of the place that had dim sum near/in Village by the Grange. This would have been at least 10 years ago.

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      You mean Young Lok? Now that you mentioned them I remember their dim sum counter!

    2. In my opinion, Grand's version is fantastic and one of the only ones I will eat. They are consistent and their frying is among the best, if not the absolute best, in the city. Everything they fry is light and not greasy. They have two varieties - the standard ham siu gok, or a variation featuring pine nuts and duck. They also have a fried custard dessert ball as well. Here are some photos:

      Duck sesame ball: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bokchoi-...
      Dessert ball: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bokchoi-...
      Filling of dessert ball: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bokchoi-...
      Ham siu gok: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bokchoi-...

      Cheers and Happy Eating!

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        Thanks so much, BokChoi!

        Good to hear that Grand's frying is up to snuff. Hope to try these out this week.

        Haven't had a chance to try the duck version before- sounds delicious!

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          No problem phoenikia. I feel so repetitive because Grand is pretty much all I suggest for dim sum... One day, I hope to discover something else that beats it.

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          The dessert ball looks really tasty!!! Where is Grand located?

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            The address is in this review: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/557688

            It's on Dixon Rd in Etobicoke. In my opinion, it's worth the drive (if you're from all the way out to the East side like myself).

        3. I really like the plain sesame balls (no filling). There's a bakery in the Broadview China town that I buy them from when I'm in the area. I don't know the name of the place or the address but here's what I recall.

          It's on Broadview, south of Gerrard on the east side. It's around 3/4/5 stores north of 1st Street.

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            Good to know! Haven't tried the kind with no filling before!

          2. I was never really a big fan of jin deui. Then my non-Asian co-workers took me to Rol San (on Spadina) and ordered jin deui with black sesame filling. I love anything with black sesame paste!! Now I always order those sesame balls whenever I go back.

            Not sure if Rol San re-uses the oil, but I wouldn't doubt it.

            1. I tried the egg custard filled sesame balls (not sure if they are also called jin deui at Yang's today. Fresh oil, lots of sesame, and a delicious filling. Very good!

              They also had a green tea and lotus been paste sweet that was steamed in what looked something like part of a banana leaf (not a lotus leaf), which was also quite tasty.

              1. Which Richmond Hill, Markham or Scarborough bakery sells the best jin deui these days? Thanks for any suggestions.

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                  are you looking for the large or small ones that are plain? or the "medium" ones that consist of fillings of black sesame, egg yolk, red bean etc?

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                    I'm looking for either the small plain ones, or the medium ones that are filled. ;-)

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                      for small plain ones i would suggest tnt supermarket or foody mart. for filled ones with black sesame, lotus seed puree i would suggest the bakeries in the mall of the plaza at hwy7/kennedy. at market village you can find lotus seed balls at the dim sum food court stall, plain medium ones at sam's congee, or the small bakery beside the "gold mart?, the larger supermarket" that only makes random ones assuming the turnover is low? to be honest i never bother getting them from a bakery or supermarket because i never am able to get them fresh. richmond court bakery at times square has random ones as well.

                      on the other hand, i would recommend getting take out from a dim sum restaurant because thats where you get them at its Best.

                      black sesame filled: legend chinese, dragon boat, rol san, dim sum rest upstairs of commerce gate
                      sweet/salty egg yolk: regal palace (spadina rd), yangs, casa victoria, casa imperial, premiere, crown prince, shangri-la
                      pumpkin filled: emperor
                      pumpkin, taro, marzipan filled: crown princess (this one is my personal fav cause they are more "innovative", however, they sometimes serve ones with egg yolk regardless of the flavours stated.

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                        Thanks for all your comments & recommendations, junkie.

                        I realize they are good at restaurants that serve dim sum, but I wanted to buy a box of them, so I figured a bakery might be a better bet.

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                    hi prima,

                    i haven't tried THAT many places, but my mom loves these sesame balls and we usually get it from the small chinese counter at Peanut Plaza... right outside the Tone Tai grocery store. We usually pick it up on Sunday mornings when we pass by and it's when he opens so they are really nice and crispy on the outside. We buy the ones with red bean filling, but I think he has plain and also some other similar dumpling ball that has meat in it (but it doesn't have sesame seeds on the outside)

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                      Actually, Tone Tai has good ones for sale..they're in a bin where the bread is at.

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                        Good to know, thanks sumashi & LUV TO EAT ;-)

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                          I believe the bakery you were speaking of in 2009 was miao ke hong bakery.
                          They were one the better bakeries for me and had alot of the 'old school' items..... steaming fresh taro or radish cakes daily... but they changed ownership this year and its not the same...they are still decent but not as it once was.

                    2. My 2 favorites: the sesame balls with lotus paste at Kim Moon bakery (north side of Dundas, east of Spadina), and the sesame balls with black sesame paste (and black and white seeds on the outside) at Very Fair Seafood, my favorite dim sum place, on Finch east of Kennedy.

                      I LOVE these - problem is they are best when fresh and still hot (or at least warm) - has anyone else tried microwaving one the next day? Yuck ;)