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Apr 6, 2009 09:26 AM

Black Cod (Sablefish)...where to find around Edmonton?

Hi, I just found a delectable recipe for miso-glazed black cod but have never seen it for sale around here, although it is supposedly a Pacific Northwest species. I can get smoked black cod, which is lovely, but I want it plain to try my own glazes. Anyone know?

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  1. VivianTh:

    I happened to be phoning Billingsgate on something else and was advised that they do carry black cod aka sablefish.

    Your recipe sounds delicious, the miso with the fatty fish

    1. You can find frozen black cod at Ocean Odissey Inland. They are on 167th street just north of 100th Ave. They also sell at the 104th street market.

      You can get reasonably priced frozen fish at the Chinese supermarkets. I have bought black cod and sea bass at United Grocers at 9516 102 Ave. Most likely T & T and Lucky 97 have it too.

      I have also bought frozen black cod at the Save on Foods on Gateway Boulevard (103 street ) and about 80th Ave.

      I have rarely seen fresh black cod, you might want to try Bilingsgate at 7331-104st. If you find fresh black cod please let us know

      PS. There is a related thread on this board titled "high end ingredients in Edmonton"

      1. Thanks for the tips. Ocean Odessey is closest so I'll try them first and post is I'm successful.

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          I bought it fresh once at Billingsgate, unfortunately I cannot remember the time of year.

          1. re: cleopatra999

            I bought fresh black cod steaks at T&T last week for almost the same price as I paid for frozen at the United Grocers on 102 Ave. Grilled them with a Japanese style sauce and were as buttery as they should be. They also had filets and whole fish available.. It looks like they carry fresh black cod it on a regular basis. Their variety of what looked like fresh fish is impressive for Edmonton.

            1. re: felix the hound

              Great field work felix the hound! Thanks a lot. I can almost taste that lovely black cod right now.