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Apr 6, 2009 09:26 AM

Your most expensive restaurant meal.

Hello, I'm new to Chowhound. It's a lot of fun. The most we've paid for a meal so far is $190, for two, and it really was not that great. It's interesting to read about very expensive restaurants. What's the most you've spent? Was it worth it? What makes the really pricey places so expensive? I talked to a furrier and he said they had to stock some $20,000 coats for the athletes and celebrities just so they could spend lots of money. Don't get me wrong, I know fine dining is complicated, and in some cases worth every penny. Best Wishes

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  1. The tasting menu at Tru in Chicago. An amazing experience!

    1. The most expensive meal I've ever had I did not have to pay for - our friends treated my now-hubby and I to the tasting menu at Susur as a wedding gift. I believe it was $250 a head (numerous courses, with wine pairings), although I didn't get a glimpse at the bill.

      The most expensive we've shelled out on ourselves probably came in at around $300 - don't do that very often!!

      1. Mhm... between my man and me, 420 Euro incl. tip at Margaux in Berlin. Totally worth it.

        Between my man, me, and a friend about $750 at wd-50 -- tasting menu for all three of us and 3 bottles of wine (50% off). Probably worth it, but I'm now focusing on more mid-range restos with excellent food.