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Apr 6, 2009 09:25 AM

Girls Lunch near Bliss Spa 49th Street

A couple of my girlfriends are taking our soon-to-be-wed friend to Bliss Spa on 49th & Lexington this Sunday. Any suggestions for a good post-massage lunch/brunch place nearby? We definitely want to make a reservation b/c the bride has a plane to catch in the late afternoon and we would like to avoid places with special Easter Sunday set menus. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. You can try Zarela, which is nearby, for Mexican.

    Also, Accademia di Vino is fun for a girl's lunch if you are in the mood for Italian.

    1. What kind of scene/cuisine(s) are you looking for? Give us a better idea of what you're thinking. Thanks.

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        Proximity to Bliss is key, and we're looking for somewhere casual that isn't too loud. We'll be relaxed from our massages and want to be able to chat without shouting. In terms of cuisine, ideally "New American" or somewhere with small plates so we can try and share lots of things. I called Fig and Olive (thanks for that suggestion, Mellie Mac!) and it's a good backup but they're doing a $40 set menu since it's Easter so I'd like to explore other options before committing to that.

        To give you a better idea of my taste, my favorite spots to go for weekend brunch/lunch are Five Points, Jane, Extra Virgin and Blue Ribbon Bakery. I don't spend much time in midtown so I really don't know of any comparable spots in that neighborhood. Hoping not to spend more than $40 per person. Good bloody mary's are an added plus, but not required.

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          You could do tea at BG (Bergdorf Goodman). For $40, you get food plus a glass of Veuve. The atmosphere is amazing, especially overlooking the park.
          I like Mellie Mac's rec for Fig & Olive, too.

      2. Fig and Olive at 10 East 52nd Street could be a great spot post spa.