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Brigstens-what to order??

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What are your favorite dishes??

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  1. As someone said, "It's ALL good!" But you wanted favorites, so here goes:

    Appetizers: shrimp remoulade, shrimp bisque and (surprisingly) the fried catfish.

    Main Course: My favorite all-time dish, anywhere, any restaurant, is the duck. I've just never tasted anything like it. The seafood platter is also a good way to sample several excellent dishes.

    Dessert: Anything with strawberries or the pecan pie with caramel sauce.

    Check out the menu here: http://www.brigtsens.com/menu.html

      1. We are also thinking of go here this weekend and would love to hear more suggestions.

          1. re: ScarlettNola

            Second that duck rec, but have only been once so can't comment on much else. The duck I had was excellent though.

          2. Sweetbreads
            Chocolate Cake or the Tres Leche with Strawberries.

            1. The gumbo is my favourite in New Orleans, the rabbit appetizer is excellent, and even when I've just stuck to having appetizers for dinner, I've been too full to have dessert...

              1. The rabbit appetizer served on the tasso-parmesan-grits cake. Chuck's gumbopages.com has a recipe for the grits and we make them again and again.