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Apr 6, 2009 09:18 AM

ISO matzoh meal in SF

I went to Safeway (Potrero) last night to stock up on most Passover items - but like last year, they did not have any matzoh meal. I want some to make matzoh balls - I can make my own matzoh meal if necessary, but it would be nice to find one can/box somewhere.

Should I check Mollie Stone's? Any other places in SF proper that have it?

I do not want matzoh ball mix or potato starch or matzoh flour - just plain matzoh meal.

Dave MP

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  1. I get mine at Smart and Final.

    1. Mollie Stone's Tower Market had matzoh meal yesterday. Also, the Safeway on Potrero has a special Passover display near the meat dept. Did you look there? I've seen special Passover displays in many Safeways in the city and in Daly City. Westlake had a big one and there was one in the Diamond Heights Safeway.

      1. Canyon Market in Glen Park has it at the corner of the butcher counter (though it's expensive, like most things at Canyon market). I've also bought it at the Safeway on Mission and 30th, but haven't been there recently so I can't say that it's definitely available this year.

        1. I found it at Andronico's today.

          Maybe I just didn't see it at Safeway yesterday, but I did check the Passover display in the back near the meat section. It seemed like they had about 40 other Passover products, but no plain matzoh meal.

          Thanks to everyone for the help
          Dave MP

          1. In case anyone else is looking, both Mollie Stone's in San Francisco have it. It wasn't with the Passover endcap display, but in the Ethnic Section at one store. I have found that if you can't find Passover items in the large displays, they are often in the Ethnic Section.

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              But not all of the Jewish items in the ethnic section are kosher for Passover. They have to be specially marked KFP for the given year. So the matzo meal in that section may or may not be KFP depending upon how it is marked.