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Apr 6, 2009 08:55 AM

Snack Shack near Flatiron

I was in the city this weekend and noticed huge lines at the snack place in the park across from the Flatiron Bldg. What's the commotion all about? Is the food laced with crack?

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  1. That would be Shake Shack. It gets a lot of attention.

    1. The Shake Shack does serve a very good burger and the fries are also pretty good, but the experience is destroyed by the long lines. The food is definitely worth a 10-15 minute wait, but there is absolutely nothing about the food in and of itself that can justify waiting on line for one hour.

      I believe that what we are really seeing is a celebration of the good weather. People want to celebrate the park and the weather and the Shake Shack is incorporated into that experience.

      I haven't been to the UWS Shake Shack, but I'm guessing that people are not routinely waiting an hour on line just to place an order. Can anyone confirm? I almost wish that the downtown Shake Shack was not in the park because it probably would not have those insane lines and I could actually routinely eat their burgers and fries.

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        Lunchtime lines on the weekend at UWS branch are terrible as well. But a Weds nite at 9:00 or so is a skate.

        1. re: msny98

          I disagree...thus far at the UWS SS (I live 8 blocks away) the lines have really been short compared to the MSP location (we'll see as the weather improves)...only on saturday/ sunday lunch are they longer, maybe 20 minutes but no where near the hour+ wait at the MSP location. During the week the lines are no longer than you find at any other fastfood place.....Best burger in the city, IMO...long live Shake Shack