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Apr 6, 2009 08:49 AM

Mother's Day Brunch - Markham/Richmond Hill Area

I'm looking to book a Mother's Day brunch in the Markham/Richmond Hill area. I was thinking of the brunch buffet at the Hilton Suites or the Delta Hotel. Has anyone gone there before? How was the food?

Also, if there are other good places to have Mother's Day Brunch, that would be great too!

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  1. I'm looking for recs in the same area!

    I called the Hilton, they have plenty of availabllity right now, $45 for their buffet. Considering it still, but would love to hear other options

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        We went to Angus Glen last year for Mother's Day. The food was *alright*. I guess I expected it to be better because it's "Angus Glen". But I think the price is a bit more expensive than the Hilton or the Delta. If you want to go for the ambiance, then definitely go and check it out. It's really nice to have brunch there. Too bad the food wasn't as great as I expected.

    1. I went to the hilton recently for Easter. They didn't offer as much stuff as they use to. I remembered that they use to have a hot rock lobster tail and a cold half lobster in shell. Both are gone. Also, they use to have 2 roasts, a prime rib and a ham (once it was lamb). This time only the prime rib was there. The dessert buffet was a bigger spread but it was just a lot of repeats. Overall, the food is okay, Epic is better. From what I remember the food included:

      Items always there:
      Roast beef
      meh sushi
      smoked salmon
      assorted cold smoked fish
      select pre-made salad (potato, bean, pasta, etc)
      cold mussels
      cold crab legs (once there was all these little black the size of vanilla seeds attached to all of was kinda gross)
      eggs benny
      made to order omlette
      made to order waffle
      bacon/basic maple pork breakfast sausage
      assorted cakes and pastries (okay...nothing special)
      fruit platter
      cheese plate
      assorted buns and rolls
      Free OJ and coffe/tea

      They also having changing hot items like pork tenderloin, chicken, fish, pasta and veg.

      I would go back. But the food is nothing special. The prime rib is not bad though.

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      1. re: eco987

        Thanks for the tips eco, but Epic is a little far from Markham :D