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Apr 6, 2009 08:17 AM

Shad in Dallas?

Is there any place that sells Shad fish in Dallas (raw). I haven't seen it in Central market...I know this is the season for it, so if anyone knows, please post!

While on the topic, besides Central market (where the seafood is very pricey IMO), is there a good place to go buy seafood? Also looking for sushi grade fish.

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  1. Masami is serving it as sushi, which is not really what you asked for, but better than nothing. Unfortunately it doesn't compare to what you get at Jiro :(

    1. Dr. Fish on Harry Hines @ Royal might have it there I would try there if you are really in need of any fish. They have a catalog that I believe most sushi restaurants use for supplies, including frozen fish selections.

      I will concur that Masami does have skipjack on several occasions but I would call before I head out there.

      Other than that I would ask Rex's (Inwood @ Lovers - Dallas), Sea Breeze (Spring Creek and Preston - Plano), or TJ's Seafood Market (Preston @ Forest). Perhaps they can order you some on special order.

      I am not really sure what kind of shad you are after there are quite a few

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        What Masami has now is gizzard shad (kohada). Which is in season, so I assumed that was the question...skipjack shad is a fall fish. Don't know about the others.

        1. re: luniz

          Thanks for clearing that up Luniz. I was unaware of the seasonality of the fish.