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Apr 6, 2009 07:16 AM

Two days in Detroit, my summary

Just got back from two days in the Detroit area. I was staying in the 'burbs, but was in downtown a lot of the time. Great place for eating, and a fascinating place to visit.

Bloomfield Hills: The Unique Deli, the restaurant at the Radisson where I was staying, was probably the best hotel restaurant I have ever seen. Perfect combination of Jewish Deli and Diner, friendly as can be, and perfectly cooked food: Turkey Rueben, Turkey Hash, Eggs, Lox, Salads that were wonderful. I wish this was next to my house.

Mexicantown: El Borzon. The menu is Mexican on the left side, Italian on the right side, delicious on both sides. A rollicking sort of place, all smiles. I had great Fritto Misto with a wonderful tangy tomato dipping sauce, a taco and gnocci, both solid and fresh ingredients, and a superb chicken pipian (green mole).

Clawson: Shilla, delicious Korean food. Great BBQ (not at the table), beef ribs, chicken. Wonderful little fried cod pieces (a Korean companion ordered everyting). Great Pan Chan (the little side dishes that are always there) especially a fish cake sliced thin and dressed with pepper and vinegar.

Dearborn El Ameer: Perfect Lebanese food. This is just scratching the surface of Dearborn. Go to the supermarket across the street as well, it's incredible.

Please go to Detroit and see for yourself. If you haven't been you can't imagine what the place looks like. It's easy to root for the place, because the people are so nice, and it's mind-boggling to try ti imagine what comes next for that city.

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  1. Thanks so much for the review and the positive vibes for the city! Come back anytime - you barely scratched the food surface!

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    1. re: Ludlows23

      Thank you! I plan to come back whenever I can. I forgot to mention that the new Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAD) is great.

    2. Another Big Thank you!

      Its hard to love this place on the surface but when you scrape off the bad news...there is gold in many aspects. I swear the ethnic food is what keeps me here.

      If you ever need a tour guide I am sure many of us would be more than happy to show you around.

      1. Way to go, dude (or dudette). You really scoped out some local favorites that aren't in the guidebooks. BTW, it's "El Barzón" (The Hitch), for anyone wanting to try that place. It's really hitting its stride.

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        1. re: Jim M

          Not to detract from a great post by updating spelling, but it's Al Ameer...I just want people to be able to find it if they see this post at a later date. It's my favorite!

        2. Another thanks!

          We in this area are just so used to being bashed on all sides that we're grateful to anyone who says a kind word!

          If you come back to this area and have an interest in art, you have got to check out the Detroit Institute of Arts. The Diego Rivera murals alone are worth the price of admission. And all of the SE Michigan hounds could recommend some more interesting restaurants, I'm sure.