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Apr 6, 2009 07:07 AM

Live crabs in Half Moon Bay?

One of my best chowish experiences (and part of my introduction to the Bay area) was a trip out to Half Moon Bay right around this time last year to buy live crabs right off a boat in Half Moon Bay. The three of us got four large crabs and brought them around the corner to Princeton Fish Market and paid a minimal fee to have them boiled, then sat outside the restaurant and feasted like kings.

Anyone know if it's still possible to re-create that experience, say, this week or next? Or does the weak crab season mean that we won't even be able to get live crabs off the boat by this point in the season?

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  1. There is usually a sign outside the harbor master's office listing: boats/docks/seafood for sale.

    The harbor master's phone number is: 650.726-5727.

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      Thanks. The guy I've bought from in the past is Fisherman Bill, and I do have his contact info. I suppose it'd be easiest just to call him and ask...I was just wondering if anyone else has had recent experiences/success with procuring crabs at the dock..