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Apr 6, 2009 07:01 AM

Weddings in Baltimore Area

Looking for a unique venue for a wedding reception + ceremony. Loved Elkridge Furnace Inn but hate the location. Really like to have in-house catering. Any suggestions along that route? Help!

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  1. We had our wedding nearly 12 years ago at the Garrett Jacobs Mansion which is on Mt. Vernon Place. The mansion is owned by the Engineering Society of Baltimore. Everything about it was lovely including the food and the setting was perfect. Everyone was very impressed and the photos are still nice to look at all of these years later. Only downside is that you need to know someone who is a member who will "sponsor" you to use the facilities. If you cna make it happen, it's a wonderful spot.

    1. I was married at the Belvedere on Eager and Charles Streets in Baltimore's Mt. Vernon neighborhood. It is a very old hotel which has been converted into a reception hall and condos. It's very 1920's regal and ornate and has a lot of history. They have an in house catering company called Truffles. You can call and they have a tasting 2 x per month, with a huge amount of food. It was so good.

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        I've been to two weddings at the Belvedere, and at both I LOVED the hors d'oeuvres and was underwhelmed by the main course and dessert. Mmmm, crab dip with pita chips. Mmmm. So if you'd consider a heavy appetizers reception, the Belvedere would be a perfect fit! It is a lovely space.

        Never been to the Garrett Jacobs Mansion, but it sure is gorgeous!

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          I was also married at the Belvedere. The apps were wonderful, and they did a great job with my cake (chocolate/chocolate with berries). I discovered that the entrees that have an upcharge are wonderful, but the ones that do not are OK. That said, the Belvedere was beautiful, they worked with me on many many things, accomadated my interfaith wedding with a minimum of fuss, and generally made my life easy.

        2. Unique, a friend had the ceremony and reception at the Visionary Arts Museum in Federal HIll. Not sure they have in-house catering but it is "unique".