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Apr 6, 2009 06:55 AM

Mesa Grill Lately?

My son and his fiancee want to go to Mesa Grill for his birthday. Now that Bobby Flay has turned his attention to so many other ventures, is the food here still ok?

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  1. The "search this board" feature is your friend:

    1. This very topic was posted but a a week ago, and the popular opinion was that Mesa Grill was still a good value but had lost it's uniqueness, excitement and relevance simply because so many chain restaurants has successfully copied the concept.

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      1. re: currymouth

        I don't think the participation on that thread was sufficient to conclude anything about the "popular opinion." It may not be cutting edge like it once was, but to suggest that it's anything like Applebee's or TGIF's is ridiculous (IMHO, of course!). It's not new. It's not cutting edge. But one still can have a fine meal there.

        1. re: Blumie

          A good meal perhaps and as i posted still a good value, but a fine meal? I think not. You can throw just so many Chilpotle Peppers , Mango/ Pineapple salsas, and Queso fresco sauce on a plate before it becomes old hat.

          1. re: currymouth

            Here is a link to their current menu. Again, perhaps not cutting edge -- and if that makes it "old hat," then so be it -- but also not nearly as "been there, done that" as you suggest. Still makes me salivate!


            1. re: Blumie

              Take a gander at Rosa Mexicanos menu and see how that works on your glands. The reason so many restaurants have to reinvent themselves is because after a while the food, concept, and customer's taste evolve. Flay has parlayed the Masa Grill concept into a high end mini chain that has seen diminishing returns even before the recession hit. Its already been done and it's time to evolve.

      2. I went less than 2 weeks ago (2nd time) and I think its just as great as it was the first time.

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        1. re: peaches206

          I agree with peaches206. Except for the din when it's crowded, I have never had a bad meal (or drink) there.

          I had lunch there recently, more enjoyable as it's quiet, and it was excellent. Bobby was in the kitchen and he sent out a special appetizer to our table. Nice touch.

        2. The pastry chef Vicki Wells does amazing desserts that shouldn't be overlooked. Bobby may be off with his other ventures, but she's still very much focused on the New York restaurants.

          N.B. Vicki was the mastermind behind the robiola cheesecake that William Grimes said "may be the finest cheesecake known to humankind" (