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Apr 6, 2009 06:14 AM

Casual Italian Restaurant

I am looking for a casual (jeans acceptable) and comfortable (seats are on top of one another) in Boston or South Boston. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Does anyone remember when Marliave served Chicken Parm?

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  1. except for mama maria, i can't think of someplace in the north end where jeans and a collared shirt wouldn't be acceptable. especially the red sauce joints around -- hell, i see people in track suits all the time.

    a quick search on here will help you. there are several north end queries everyday and the places don't turn over all that much.

    if you give us what night of the week and your price point, we might be of more help.

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      I think you can get away with jeans at Mamma Maria's too!

    2. Can't think of many places in the NE for Italian where you can't wear jeans. That's pretty formal today.

      1. Trattoria Toscana in the Fenway. Very charming, good service, yummy food.

        1. can't get much more casual than Basta Pasta (on Western just a few blocks north of the Charles/Mem Drive) and their pasta is very al dente, tasty and huge portions

          1. Yes, I fondly remember when Marliave's served chicken parm. It used to be such a warm, cozy place. I've been to the current incarnation for a snack and drink, and although it's fine, it just doesn't have the patina the old place had.