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Apr 6, 2009 06:02 AM

DC this Thursday Evening through Sunday Morning....need recs

Will be with my Fiance for three nights, staying at the JW Marriott near the mall. Only thing planned are the Smithsonian on Friday, National Zoo on Saturday.

Now we need to eat. I will say were mainly looking for places within a fifteen minute walk or so from the hotel or the two locations listed above.

What we like to do when we do a city getaway is try numerous different places. We love tapas, so we can try numerous things. A typical night out will usually involve stops at three different places, so a couple of recs on romantic dessert places to end our evenings would be great.

What we like:

French, non-red sauce unique Italian, creative American, Mexican

fiancee does not eat sushi and is not at all adventurous with most Asian cuisine.

the must hit breakfast spot

Also looking for a decent Jazz club one night

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  1. French- Cafe Du Parc is not too far from your hotel and very good.

    Non-red sauce Italian- depends on price point you want. Tosca right by your hotel is great and has a pre-theater menu too. Spezie isn't too far. Dino is near the Zoo and is good too.

    Creative American- Cashion's Eat Place near the Zoo.

    Mexican- near Smithsonian you might try Oyamel or not too far from the Zoo is Casa Oaxaca.

    Most the Jazz clubs are in the U St. area.

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      I agree with these recommendations. Also near your hotel is Bistro D'Oc (wonderful french bistro) and Ceiba (fun latin cuisine. You might even want to stop her for drinks and appetizers.)

      Near the zoo (depending on what time you go)-I like Cashion's Eat Place, Dino, and Palena for dinner (I don't think any of these places are open for lunch).

      For lunch on the Mall you should consider going to the American Indian Museum. They have a great cafeteria with food from the various Indian regions around the country.

      Also not too far from your hotel should be Central, an excellent and popular bistro by one of the top chefs in the country, Michel Richard. You can go for lunch or dinner.

      1. re: Elyssa

        I agree on all of these suggestions. Tosca is very good and Oyamel is a new favorite. Might also think about Brasserie Beck which has a huge list of Belgian brews over on K Street and Belgian specialties. I work in Brussels and the food is fairly authentic and the portions are fairly large. Breakfast is tough. In Adams Morgan there is The Diner . DC is not a breakfast town. One of my best friends is a freak for brunch and we usually head to Georgetown and try our luck. Maybe you can try the new Pain Quotidien on Capitol Hill. They have nice open faced sandwiches and big cups of delicious coffee and egg dishes. Another Belgian spot. For inexpensive tacos and Mexican also near the Hill is Tacqueria Nationale. If it's a nice day you can buy a delicious fruit drink and a couple of tacos and sit around the parks on the Hill.

    2. Celebrity chef Jose Andres could very well be DC's King of Tapas. He has several restaurants devoted to small plates: Jaleo (spanish), Zaytinya (pan-Hellenic), Oyamel (Mexican). At Jaleo, I love the patatas bravas, spinach with raisins, grilled aspargus, tortilla espanol and the oxtail. At Zaytinya, I recommend the chickpeas roasted in their shell, the potatoes with tzatziki, and the the salmon. Do a search on this board for Oyamel. I love the salmon ceviche.

      Central Michel Richard is French Bistro, and I agree that Brasserie Beck is great as well for Belgian food. Again, do a search on this board for specific recommendations.