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Apr 6, 2009 05:56 AM

South Congress Cafe

My husband and I are visiting for a couple of days from Phoenix. I had done a little homework on the board but we hadn't fixed a destination for dinner last night. We headed to South Congress, parked, and the first place we came to was South Congress Cafe. The menu looked interesting and it was too chilly and windy to walk further, so we took a chance. Other than sharing a queso flameado with chorizo which was rather ordinary (good homestyle tortillas, though), my Asian marinated quail and his jalapeno venison meatloaf were outstanding. The bill was very reasonable -- about $68 including two cocktails for both of us. We would definitely go back if we lived nearby.

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  1. Glad you liked it. In the same area I recommend Enoteca Vespaio for italian food. Also for interior mexican food drive to Curra's Grill on Oltorf; not too far from that area.

    1. I am rarely disappointed at South Congress Cafe, ever. I'm glad you went there. I second auspr on Enoteca Vespaio, it is one of my favorite restaurants. For pizza, also on South Congress, is Salvation Pizza. It is very good pizza, however, there is usually a long wait. But I say it's worth the wait!

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        You probably mean Home Slice Pizza. Salvation Pizza is on 34th St. off of Guadalupe.

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          Oh, you're right! I did mean Home Slice.

      2. I am crazy about their tomato stilton soup and the hubby and I split a single piece of the carrot cake French toast for dessert (as opposed to the whole order of 3 pieces). Yum!

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          I love the carrot cake French toast there, and yes, there is a lot! I also love their crab enchiladas, they are sooo spicy, but in a good way!

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            I had a wonderful filet mignon there a few weeks ago, with a gorgonzola mushroom topping. Surprisingly good.

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          1. I love the guajillo mashed potatoes that comes with the yummy duck breast! I have to try their duck gumbo and wild boar chili next time.

            Here are some pictures of dishes I've tried at Soco Cafe:

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              We had the seafood pasta and the seabass and both were very good. For dessert, we loved the banana cheesecake.

              Vespaio was good also but more pricey.