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Apr 6, 2009 04:33 AM

best market

We'll be in Paris next week, staying in hotel at 6th arr and leaving on Sunday afternoon, would like to pick up some cheese and fresh produce like fruits or vegetable on the way to the airport, which would be the best market to make a quick stop? we'll be driving to the airport, thanks!

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  1. I'd go either to the Raspail market (organic) on Blvd. Raspail or then, just do the shopping on Rue de Seine/Rue de Buci or the covered Saint-Germain market. Depends a bit on where exactly in the 6th you're staying.

    If you should be staying near Rue Mouffetard (5th), you could also go there.

    You'll find all street markets listed by arrondissement right here:

    The Sunday organic market on Raspail is only listed here:

    1. Rue Cler is lovely -

      1. If you go to the Blvd Raspail market on the end of the market near the Lutecia Hotel there is a vendor who sells onion, potato and cheese galettes hot off the griddle for 2.3 euro each. They are wonderful!!!
        Also if you decide to go to the covered Saint-Germain market stop at Gerard Mulot on rue de Seine for a goody.

        1. Yesterday, the organic market ( Blvd. Raspail) had exquisite strawberries. They should have them next Sunday too and they might be even better. This is a very nice market, small, but with a lot of options, and I highly recommend it too.