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Apr 6, 2009 01:16 AM

Liquor cabinets for large collections

I know this a little off topic, but where might I be able to find decent standing liquor cabinets able to hold 80 - 120 bottles of spirits? I used to live in a place with sliding wall storage that I turned into a wall of liquor, but moved and now need a free standing unit. I'm hoping to avoid getting custom cabinets made. I haven't seen anything at IKEA that really fits the bill. Most liquor cabinets I've seen in Cost Plus and such are designed to hold at most 10-20 bottles.

A bonus would be if the shelves had raised lips to prevent bottles from jumping out in a mild earthquake (as you can guess I'm in CA).

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  1. Not sure what your decor style is like, but I use a c. 1920s mahogany marble top buffet I purchased at auction. It holds about 100 bottles behind closed doors and has a nice marble top for display bottles or whatever else. I store only bottles in this, not glasses, mixers, shakers or other paraphernalia. I'm also in CA, so the minor earthquake thing is covered with the closed doors. If the quake is big enough to move the entire piece, well, I'll have bigger problems than cleaning up spilled booze...

    1. Here's what we got for our basement:

      It's surprisingly well made and easy to put together. We use the empty spaces on either side to hold liquor bottles with pull out bins we bought separately. It folds up and is on wheels and can be moved if needed.