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Apr 6, 2009 12:54 AM

rooftop bar at Peninsula-is it cool/hard to get into?

Looking for a cool spot or two for drinks during our trip. My wife is into this kind of rooftop bar scene. Do you recommend it? Is it hard to get into? Any other cool bars and lounges with great ambience/views that you recommend? I have researched the Rainbow Room but it looks like it might be a feat to get into. We are staying at the Waldorf so any close recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Not hard at all. Rainbow Room is not hard to get into at all. In fact it recently closed its restaurant. Both Peninsula and Rainbow Room are beat. 60 Thomson is fun. Rose Bar.

    1. I recently went to the lobby pool and bar at the Grace (formerly the OT) on W. 45th between 6th and B'way, and it was a blast. Bring your own swim suit or buy a cheap one ($20) from the front desk. They have clean and comfortable rooms to change in. (Note that Monday night is "gay night," although based on my girlfriend and my experience, all are welcome. Kinda reminded me of that great old Saturday Night Live commercial for Schlitz Gay beer!)

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        I had a lot of fun at the OT 2 summers ago. So much fun and not an obnoxious scene at all.

      2. 230 Fifth: good view, expensive drinks, big crowds. What more can you ask for? Take a look:

        1. I agree with 230 Fifth. Also a big fan of Plunge at the Ganesvort. May be best to go earlier to avoid waiting on line.

          Chow Gal - Is Rose Bar still tough to get into?

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            Can non-hotel guests use the pool at the Ganesvort?

          2. i'll add empire hotel. 230 fifth and plunge are good as well.