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Apr 5, 2009 10:48 PM

Thai Songkran Curry Festival Winner

I was ducking in and out of the event all day long so didn't get to hear the winner over the loudspeakers but... learned that 1st place went to 'Simpang Asia' ... which I believe they deserved.,,, Last years winner, (Naweb of india?) was there again and were good but only had their 'Methe (fenugreek leaves) chicken curry and rice wheras SImpang had slew of great curries and SuperChef Devi knocked her socks off making:
. a bright light yellow soupy, wonderful light chick curry,
. Kalio chicken curry... a dense pungent/candle-nutty golden curry bursting with flave.
. Grilled chicken Curry Padang/Sumatra style (ayam bakar Padang) with a highly reduced curry paste slathered on post grilling.
. Beef Rendag... which they're already famous for.
. Curry puff croquettes
Looked for but couldn't find those ole Issan Thai ladies.. with their wonderful fish-ball curry.
Jitlada was hiding out in the vip beargarden... but I found Jazzy and snagged a plate over the fence of southern dry beef curry that was wonderful...
Congrats to Simpang Asia!
Anyone know who came in second and third?
The only issan I saw was a greasy deep fried issan sausage at an otherwise greasy everything joint.
and a booth that had a decent (not steller) issan larb and bamboo salad (unroasted)...
But no dang issan curries... wtf?
Sheesh.... But had a great time knocking around all day... Woohoo!

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  1. Who would have ever thought that a humble eatery in the Westside - what some have derided as being, "a cultural wasteland," would have won? Kudos to Simpang Asia.

    Khabar baik - selamat! (Good news - congratulations!)

    1. Jitlada was in the beer garden? Darn, that was the one place I didn't bother to go. Because, you know, Singha...

      Last year, Nawab had the best of a rather mediocre bunch. I'm glad they had some competition this year. Though I thought the curry at Ngoma was better, Simpang did a great job.

      1. I serve on the Board of Directors of the nonprofit that organizes the Curry Festival (Thai CDC). I'm glad you all enjoyed it and had fun at this year's Songkran! Thanks for participating and making the event another mainstay of the festival!