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Hummus Bar and Grill

After reading the review in Westways Magazine, I decided to give the Hummus Bar and Grill a try and it was GREAT! I live in Woodland Hills and there aren't that many places nearby that I really enjoy, so I was delighted to be so pleased and wanted to share the news. http://hummusbargrill.com/

I went for lunch with a friend. We had the assortment of house salads, which includes a dozen little plates, all of which were delicious. Spicy carrots, roasted eggplant, baba ghanoush, cherry tomato salad, chopped liver, tabbouleh, egg salad, on and on. You get free refills of anything you want and it comes with an endless supply of warm homemade laffa bread (like a GIANT pita). To accompany the salads, we had an order of falafel on the side and an order of a special, fried kibbeh. The special was exceedingly delicious - - spiced ground beef inside a layer of dough, fried and served piping hot with tahini.

At the urging of our adorable Israeli waiter, we decided to try the Malabi for dessert, something unfamiliar to both my companion and me. When it arrived, we were a little disturbed. It looked like a disk of jellied milk with splashes of an unnatural garish red sauce. A taste turned us around immediately. It was fantastic! Spiced milk pudding, with a flavor that I can't quite place. I think the red stuff was maraschino cherry juice. A dusting of chopped pistachios and shaved coconut added a little texture.

The total for the two of us, including all food, drinks,and tax was $34.

I have two criticisms: 1) The name "bar" is misleading. They don't have a liquor license. I desperately wanted a beer to go with all the snacky salads. 2) The parking sucks. The lot was totally packed, even the underground section.

Still, I will definitely be back.

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  1. We really like this place as well - well enough to make the trek from the Westside. But it has been a while so I'm glad to hear that they still thrill diners. We feel their chickpea dishes are superb - anything having to do with chickpeas is worth ordering. And the chopped liver - hey - it's not "just chopped liver..." Even my kids loved it and they fear that arena of protein. We went in on our first visit thinking "bar" as well, hoping for a nice glass of wine or a tall beer, but I must admit that their fresh squeezed juices hit the spot almost as well. The glasses are large - not like when you order fresh juice at a hotel and get a shot glass. We'll have to attempt to save room for that Malabi - it sounds like a perfect way to end this sort of meal on a hot day or night in the valley.

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        I have heard that it is okay. Someone mentioned this in another thread.

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          Yes, you can. We were there a few weeks ago with our own bottle of wine and it was fine. No charge for BYOB.

        2. i agree with you that this place is great.
          i, like bulavinka, make the trek from the westside.

          be sure to try their eggplant salad with tahini--it is absolutely sublime.

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            I've been twice already incl. this past Friday. The menu can be tricky when you include the "all you can eat salads". One person orders the 9.99$ all you can eat, the other orders an entree with the all you can eat for 5.99$. (I think) Anyway, it's the best and most fun esp. with friends. Salads are: 3/4 types of eggplant dishes incl. babaganouj, turkish salad, corn, egg, chopped liver, tomato and mint...12 different kinds. Plus the fabulous bread disk that looks like a sombrero. Then entrees are different skewers with sides. Delish, fun and busy! Eat outside on the blvd. FYI - restaurant.com offers a coupon. Fridays bill came to 69$ for 4 / w coupon, 45$ ! And, BYOB no prob. :)

          2. We went on Sunday for a late lunch. For me, the assortment of salads was more than enough. It was delicious. Be warned that if anyone at your table orders this either as their main meal $10 or as an appetizer $5?, every adult at the table will be charged for the appetizer whether ordered or not. It isn't a problem for me as that is what I came for but I overheard some ladies at the next table lamenting that it upped the price of their meal. Their waitress was very accommodating though and allowed them to order skewers a la carte instead of as a meal to bring down the price. I have never had laffa before. It was exactly like naan to me. Delicious and never ending. My only complaint and I should have known better than not to ask was the beef, onion and carrot stew special. It was ordered for my 10 year old and when it came, it was heavily scented with cinnamon. Needless to say, we took most of it home so when ordering something that you are unfamiliar with how it is prepared, ask so there are no surprises. I will be back!!!

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              Our kids (seven and nine) like the schnitzel and fries. Anything breaded and fried is usually a hit with munchkins...

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                "Anything breaded and fried is usually a hit with munchkins..."

                I must be the worlds oldest munchkin...

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                  I guess I could have dropped, "with munchkins..."

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                    Next time he'll stick to the skewers I'm sure. Do you know if the schnitzel is veal?

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                      "It tastes like chicken..." It's chicken, but done well. Unless your 10 year-old eats like my nine year-old, one order will be two meals.

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                        Good. Veal wouln't fly with him but I'm taking my in-laws next time they come into town. My Yankee MIL who has kept Kosher all of her life will love this place. Thanks bulavinaka!

            2. I don't know if this is a pipe dream or not but our waitress told me that they hope to expand.

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                If you visit again before me, drop a heavy hint that there's a huge untapped market in the Westside. :)

              2. BYOB? Wow. I've gotta try it.
                Last week we went to Itzik Hagadol in Encino. Very good, but kind of pricey. For the two of us, with one meat skewer each (one chicken, one beef) and the unlimited appetizers, and two beers, it came to about $65.00. Not bad, but Hummus seems a slightly better buy.

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                  Yes, and don't forget to check out restaurant.com for their coupon. Saves about another 10$ or so. Best to use w/a group.

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                    The restaurant.com thing for HB&G was great, but I haven't seen them offered for a few months now.

                    1. re: mrfood16

                      I just saw them last week so maybe they're back?

                2. We were there for the second time a couple of days ago and the server also told me that if I ordered the salad combo as a main dish, everyone else would be charged the $5.99 appetizer price. The menu does not make that clear.

                  The noise level is awful. It is one of those all hard surfaces place and the music is extremely loud. We had a hard time talking to each other and did not stay for dessert and coffee. The food is good, but I'm not sure we will go back because of the volume.

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                    the noise level at itzak hagadol is lower.

                    as far as the policy of charging everyone at the table if one person orders what is essentially an ayce option, it seemed perfectly clear to me that that was how it worked. if it didn't work that way, an entire table of people could try to get away with ordering one ayce salad assortment to go along with their other food. i can't say, though, that i figured it out from what the menu said or if it was made clear in some other way.

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                      I'll add to that about Itzik Hagadol. It is a nice place to eat dinner. The servers are very friendly and helpful, and the food if good and maybe even better than that. Still, I've got to try to Hummus B & G. Someone said they are expanding? I hope so.

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                        just wishful dreaming here, but....
                        it would be better than wonderful if BOTH hummus bar and grill and itzik hagadol would expand to the westside. . . . .

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                      It's quieter on their patio outside...but a summer day in the Valley might be too hot for outdoor dining for some people.