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Apr 5, 2009 08:51 PM

Going to montreal for the long weekend Where to eat???

SO me and some friends are going to montreal for the long weekend and was wondering if we could get some food suggestions

we are all students so please keep the suggestions student budget friendly :D

we will be staying dt the hilton garden inn but we will probably end up getting transit passes so anywhere not too far from dt is fine :)

we aren;t that picky with what we eat we enjoy most anything and would try anything once

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    1. re: mainsqueeze

      Hi, for good food at a decent price, I suggest Mekkdala on Bishop St. (Ethiopian), McKibbon's Pub on Bishop St. (Irish of course, very good fries!), Ouzeri on St-Denis (real Greek), Moti Mehal (Indian). If you have a few $ to spare for a very good meal, I also suggest Solymar (Peruvian) and of course APDC (search the board for all the reviews for APDC).
      For lunch there's Anton & James (1414, rue Stanley corner Ste-Catherine) - very good muffins and sandwiches, Soupebol (decent but not amazing), the pizzeria place in Philipps Square (across the street from the Bay store on Ste-Catherine St.), Boustan (Lebanese), La Banquise for poutine...
      All these restaurants are a bit all over the place in Montreal, so I suggest you check them all out on a map. And you should definetely make reservations especially for Thursday to Sunday dinner.

      1. re: idenon

        awesome thanx for the suggestions :D

        1. re: retsnome85

          weinstein and gavino on Crescent. good pasta and pizza's plus a decent bar scene.

          Eggcetera for breakfst-brunch. I think it's on Sherbrooke.

          1. re: riverboy

            Crescent St. is not what I'd call student budget friendly, and Weinstein & Gavino's is pretty ordinary.

            If you guys are still checking back here, I highly recommend hiking up to Romados on Rachel just east off St-Laurent for the city's best Portugese chicken. For $7 you will be stuffed.

            1. re: Shattered

              I was not impressed by Weinstein & Gavino's at all. In fact I thought that it was distinctly lacking myself.

              1. re: Shattered

                speaking of good (and cheap) Portuguese, I recommend Chez Doval. I highly suggest a reservation though since that place is constantly packed.