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Apr 5, 2009 08:35 PM

April 2009 -- Grocery Outlet

Slim pickings today -- it seems like it gets hit pretty hard the first weekend of the month (government checks?).

Best stuff was in the candy aisle:

Ritter Sport bars: Milk Chocolate, Marzipan, Cookie, and Hazelnut versions, $1.99

Lindt Excellence (70%) 35 gram bars (bit more than an ounce), 2/$1

Lindt Gold Chocolate Bunnies -- 100 grams -- in addition to the commonly found milk chocolate, they had white chocolate and dark chocolate. $1.99. (Bigger selection was in a different area with the Easter stuff.)

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  1. Also, Eden Organic Apple Cinnamon Sauce. Just apples and cinnamon. Really tasty. $1.99/28 oz. jar.

    1. Slim pickings indeed. It seems to always pick up the 2nd week of the month.

      San Pablo

      50 cents Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale
      99 cents Sabra red pepper hummus . Check exp date. Don't know how long hummus lasts
      $1.29 - Golden mini Orios
      $1.50 - Fresh asparagus
      $1.50 - Pilgrim's Choice red Leicester cheese 7 oz check exp date ... it's cheese though
      $1.69 - Light and Lively non fat cottage cheese 24 oz
      $1.99 - bag of 4 avocados
      $1.99 - Tesero's Asian veggie dumplings 22 oz

      1. Got a GO advertisment in my junk mail yesterday. All wine 20% off. I'll be going this afternoon.

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          Oh, right. They're having an all wine 20% off sale this month -- five days I think 4/8 to 4/12.

        2. Doing better in Santa Rosa –

          Rumiano organic cheese - cheddar & jack - long date
          The red Leicester cheese rw mentioned
          Lots of 2/$1 crackers - big variety of British types
          Several flavors of Aidell's sausage
          The True North almond clusters, pecan-almond-peanut clusters and almond crisps are good & good value at $1.99, about half usual price - May date.
          Lots of chips, but chocolate (dark) pretty cleared out.
          The kiwis are a good value at $1.49 per #, 7 fruits (not organic, but probably clean


          They almost always have Earthbound organic salad mix, but you gotta check the prices. $2.99 for 5 oz. really isn't a bargain.

          The ice cream freezer is cycling through lots of Ben & Jerrys, Hagandaz, Edies and other name brands.

          1. Oakland

            10 cents - HK Anderson peanut butter filled nuggets
            50 cents - Artisan Biscuits vanilla or strawberry biscuits from Enland and baked by hand
            50 cents - Can of Del Monte organic sweet peas
            $1,49 - McLeiland Seriously Mild (their words) cheddar from Scotland 7 oz
            $1.50 - Large plastic container of strawberries
            $1.50 - 3lbs of apples (fuji, I think)
            $1.99 - Large jar of Hellman's real mayo
            $6.99 - Organic carnitas burritos.

            Those little .07 oz bags of the peanut butter nuggets make a swell snack and for 10 cents, can't hurt to try. They have a crispy pretzel shell and a bit of peanut butter inside. Located in the cookie section.

            The cookies are the kids version of the great Artisan cookes San Pablo was selling. As usual the vanilla was the best, but I really liked the strawberry a lot. The strawberry are cookies from Aesops fable The Lion and the Mouse. The vanilla are Edward Lear's The Owl and the Pussycat. Cookies are in the shapes of a lion, mouse, owl and pussycat. Fun boxes for kids. Very colorful and the stories are printed on them ...

            "... The owl looked up to the stars above and sang to a small guitar "Oh lovely, Pussy! O Pussy my love, what a beautiful Pussy your are ... "

            Anyway ... fun and delicious.

            Stawberries are good in a supermarket way.

            Cheese is mild, as warned, but better than most pre-packaged supermarket cheeses. Add some of those inexpensive apples ... cheese plate.

            Didn't buy the organic carnitas burritos, but they seemed interesting.

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            1. re: rworange

              I finally tried those artisan biscuits, and they're as good as RWorange says. Especially the vanilla, which tastes really buttery. The strawberry is almost more of an aroma than a taste, but not at all artificial tasting (and not artificially colored pink, either).

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                Glad you liked them. The only one that tastes off is the chocolate raspberry.

                Another really good item is the Batth Farms fancy mixed raisins. They are really plump,large and tasty. We went through a bag of them from last month and I bought another today. 1lb $2.99

                San Pablo

                50 cents - Milk carton of whole grain cheddar goldfish (2 oz)
                50 cents - Imperator American Champagne (yes, I know ... sparkling wine)
                79 cents - some sort of organic puffed cereal ... had something about penguins
                99 cents - Maxwell House dark roast coffee 11.5 oz can
                $1.49 - John Morrell Bistro Naturals ring of uncured smoked sausage 14 oz
                $2.49 - Organic sugar 2lbs

                The little individual sparkling wine bottles are no worse than something like Andre and make a nice mimosa for one.

                The smoked sausage doesn't have as much flavor as kielbasa but has a better ingrediant list than the NY keilbasa being sold at the Eastern European Markets on Geary. That company is starting to put junky preservatives in it. I got to use up the rest of my beet horseradish from Easter ... hallelujah.


                There was some Elf herring in sour cream for $1.99, but when I looked on the label they are putting HFCS in it. Ditto on the 'hand-crafted' root beer. Forget the name, but put it back when I saw HFCS.

                1. re: rworange

                  that penguin cereal is really, really good. Not too sweet, light and crunchy. Great over yogurt too. I love it! 99 cents at my local GO, but still an unbelievable deal.