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Apr 5, 2009 08:16 PM

"Siam Best" in venice on Lincoln, it is NOT

I NEVER, I mean NEVER do not tip. I was a waiter, my brother and father own restaurants, and I tip no matter what.
This food at Siam Best was so bad it's not worth carrying on about -BUT I MEAN IT WAS JUST AWFUL so we sent it back- or tried. She wouldn't take it. She left it on the table telling me "You Pay! You Pay!"
"Bring me the check and I'll pay." my girls got up to go and she gave us the bill. We didn't eat anything- NOTHING. Paid the entire bill, and only because I just feel like you have to, you just have to, I left her a tip. Less than 10%, but did it anyway.


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  1. I guess nothing has changed there. I ate there once in 1990 and it was by far, the worst Thai food experience I encountered up to this day. However, I didn't run into the belligerent service as you did. I admire your empathy in feeling that you had to leave a tip, but I personally would have left a penny just to emphasize that everything, including the service, was horrid. Places like this give Thai cuisine a really really bad rep.

    1. I used to go here on Christmas night when other restuarants were closed or whenever I had a really hard day and I wanted to eat somewhere low key.

      This was about 2 years ago. I always liked it and the service was always really friendly. My expectations were really just a hole in the wall low key Thai restaurant and this place more than fit the bill.

      Sorry to hear you had a bad experience there. Maybe you have more experience at Thai restaurants than I do but I have eaten at many fine restaurants and think that it's possible that your expectations may have been too high for the type of restaurant this is.

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        sorry to heard this.i bike from brentwood about once a month to go here.i think it is the best place on lincoln.i have never had a bad meal there.

      2. Or as we called it at the office, Siam's Worst.

        The color of the beef in the spicy beef salad was worrisome.

        1. Ugh. When I moved to Playa in 2001, my roommate told me that the only thing worse than the decor at Siam Best is the food. Luckily you are very near Ayara Thai, which I can recommend highly.

          Ayara Thai Cuisine
          6245 W 87th St, Los Angeles, CA 90045