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Apr 5, 2009 07:55 PM

Who has the best fried calamari in the Boston area?

My wife and I love fried calamari as an appetizer and get it everywhere we go. Right now I would have to say the best we've had is from The Cheesecake Factory. They have 2 types of dipping sauce that are excellent too. So what are some other places that you think have great fried calamari? Preferably North Shore but if I have to go south of the city for great calamari then I will.

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  1. Giaccomos in the North End makes delicious fried calamari. I think they are quite well known for it. When you leave you will even go home smelling like it so wear something you don't care if it smells like garlic and fried calamari.

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    1. re: macadamianut

      South End Giaccomo's as well (I think they are better than the North End) - very good.

    2. I love the salt & pepper calamari at several places in Chinatown, especially at Peach Farm and New Jumbo.

      Far better than the usual Italian versions, IMO.

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        Second New Jumbo. Best in the city, with plenty of tentacles.

        1. There are many places in the North End that have very good fried calamari, but my go to place when I gotta have it is Teatro. It's so light, it floats off the plate. Hard to beat.

          1. I really like the calamari app. at Capital Grill. Sit at the bar with a drink and some of those homemade chips, nirvana!