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Apr 5, 2009 07:54 PM

New Bar at Antoine's

Has anybody been to the new bar at Antoine's?

I've heard that the Oysters Foch Po Boy is really good and is only $8.50.

Any reports would be appreciated.

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  1. We've gone there frequently since the day it opened. Beautiful bar with a nice little menu. I haven't had the poboy yet but love Oysters Foch. We had crawfish bisque which was good but no heads and the seafood gumbo which was very good and full of seafood, esp oysters. Their roux was done perfect.
    It's the Hermes bar and as I said, beautiful. The doors open right onto St. Louis.

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      We had the sampler plate and oyster Foch po boy. Personally, I'd rather an oyster po boy from Bozos. Just don't care for the Foch flavor combination. Their bloody marys are excellent.

    2. Just went there. Hermes bar is a new classic. although open for awhile, attended the officail grand opening
      on april 17th. !Spectacular! yes, they have new 'bar menu' which is quite reasonable.
      i had the best po boy ever: oysters foch- amazing at $8.50. also oysters rockefeller at
      $7.50 and several soups at $7.25....famous souffle potatoes at $6.75.
      antoine's is re-born!!!!!!!!

      1. We visited on 4/8, and we loved it! Stephanie the bartender made a great assortment of martinis, as well as the best sazerac of our trip. We thought that the Oysters Foch po' boy was excellent, and a great deal at $8.50. The banquet manager was having lunch at the same time as we, and volunteered to give us a tour of the restaurant--a huge place, with a wine room that runs all the way to Royal St. We loved the couple of hours that we spent there, and will be sure to return. I think that the Hermes Bar will do great things for Antoine's business.