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Apr 5, 2009 07:52 PM

Philly: tripe or tongue between 30th St. Station and U. Penn?

I am going back and forth by foot from the train station to Penn for a meeting. I don't have time with the train schedule to venture out of that corridor. My favorite foods are tripe or tongue and I was wondering if there is anything in the trajectory. My guess is not. I know I could find in Philly's C-town but I am not going to have time to go there.

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  1. Union Station? We have a Union Station in Philly (or did you mean DC)? Admittedly, I'm not a native, so maybe I'm just missing something obvious, but in case that was a mis-type and you meant 30th St Station (or maybe U. City Station), I'm going to advise that tripe, tongue, etc. are a rarity in a college town like Penn. If I may safely assuming that the tripe and tongue refers to a fondness for semi-adventurous/novel items, you might try Bridgewater Pub in 30th St Station - they got some semi-unusual items on the menu:

    That's really about all that comes to mind for the moment. There's some good eats to be had around Penn, but what you described isn't exactly within anything I've been familiar with at Penn. (Frankly, I'm not even sure if you'll find any place that does any exceptional tripe/tongue even in Chinatown.)

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      You're right on the name of the station. (I'm not a local and forgot.) But the tripe and tongue reference was not a typo. I'm not looking for other adventurous food but for those two.

    2. Just a bit outside the corridor between 30th Street Station and Penn, yet within walking distance, Distrito at 3945 Chestnut Street has a tongue taco on the menu.

      That restaurant has gotten consistently high marks.

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        I just looked at their menu and the tongue taco seems to be at dinner only. Do you know if it's available at lunch?

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          You might want to give them a call. Perhaps they'd be willing to accommodate a special request.

      2. unfortunately, there are not many 'risky' palces on penn's campus, but you can get tongue and tripas at any taqueria in south philly, north philly or kensington. can get amazing caribbean food from a food truck right outside of 30th street. the big pink one is good as is the big white one (debbie's?) for braised oxtails (not innards, but a tought cut that needs some love). and they soften it up good and proper.

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          Or you could walk to 4309 Locust and go to Koch's Deli for a tongue on rye... Healthy portions at the best deli in the city.