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Apr 5, 2009 07:13 PM

Best Buffet in HK

Can people pls chime in on the best buffet in Hong Kong? We are looking to hit a couple of places in May and are willing to pay for the top quality and selection, but we would also prefer to go to places that do not include an alcohol premium in the cost since we do not drink. That said, if a place is amazing but does lump the alcohol into the price, we'd still be interested!

What do people think about Spoon at the Intercontinental these days (I know some of you had a bad experience last year) and Nicolini at Conrad? Besides price, what are the pros and cons of going for lunch versus dinner? Finally, is it still the case that buffets in Hong Kong are on average better than the ones in Macau? What do you all think of the buffet at the Aurora at the Crown Macau hotel?

Thank you so much!

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  1. I'd say the Harbourside at the Intercontinental and Yamm at The Mira, prices don't include alcohol. fine as a hotel restaurant, but nothing you would expect of an A.D chain, might as well go to the "real" ones like JR or Caprice, and Spoon knows that, hence their low pricing.

    NicHolini's...again is fine as a hotel restaurant, but with really standard cuisine, I wouldn't go.

    never done buffets in Macau

    btw do consider the semi buffets = buffet of cold/warm appetizers/light mains + an order of main course selection, i find those of much higher a "foodie" experience.

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      Thanks for the suggestions! What places would you recommend for these semi buffets?

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        The Steakshouse and quite a few of the Italian restaurants: Angelini, Cova, Sabatini etc.

        you're not from HK?

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          aspasia and nicholini have semis too

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            Thanks for the recs. My family's in HKG but I work in the US. I go back every 4-6 months, typically once in may and again during the winter.

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              but ($) buffets with a largeish group isn't very economical...