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Apr 5, 2009 06:34 PM

Buffet Europa in North Brunswick

My husband and I tried this All You Can Eat buffet on Aaron Rd in North Brunswick on Friday night, and I highly recommend you give it a go!

We heard about it through the "Art of the Buffet" blog, and he goes into great detail about it...

Buffet Europa has excellent, home made food.
Friday night is "Polish" night, but the offerings are a mix of items, it was not all Polish.
There was a really succulent roast pork that we carved ourselves, tho the owner (a lovely woman) was very accommodating and offered to carve it for me when I asked about it.
The Chicken Francese and Swedish meatballs were excellent, as was the stuffed cabbage. There was also a cod on the buffet which I thought was very good.

Buffet Europa's buffet isnt huge but it holds many delicious, home made foods.
The desserts were excellent. The owner urged me to try a cheese blintz which I originally didn't take because I didn't think I liked blintzes, but I took one to be polite when she commented and I was very happy that I did! It was more like a delicate crepe, not the typical greasy blintz Ive had experience with. There is also a nice little salad bar on the buffet.

They have coupons on their website.


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  1. I read the blog that you were talking about. It sounds great! Do you know what the theme is for Tuesday - Thursday? Is it buffet during those days as well?

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      Its a buffet all the time. I was only there on a Friday for the Polish night (which was great as described above) but I think on the other nights its just a mixture of european dishes. I'd suggest calling and asking questions. I did before trying it and the woman who owns it was very friendly and helpful.

      1. re: Bossa_Nova

        I went back to Buffet Europa last night...It was as good as the first time.
        I highly recommend you try this place on Rt 1 and Aaron Rd in North Brunswick. The couple who own/run it are so nice as well.


        1. re: MishyPoo

          The Blogger who brought Buffet Europa to my husband's attention initially, has returned for a second visit.
          Ironically, my husband and I had dinner there last night, and I held back reporting on it, because I often sound like a broken record on here...
          Last night we had another great buffet meal at this wonderful place. I am always in shock that it isnt completely packed. The food is SOOOOO Good and the owners are SO NICE!!!! We travel quite far to get there, but it is well worth the trip each time.

          I was happy to see that the blogger liked Buffet Europa just as much, if not more the second time he went. Please check out his review. He goes into much more detail than I ever do, and it is completely accurate.


    2. Change of owners. Please disregard all previous reviews.

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            Has anyone been to Buffet Europa since the change in owners? Other suggestions for a quick pre-movie casual lunch on a Sunday in North Brunswick in this immediate vicinity. If necessary, we'll go to a diner but something just a bit nicer would be preferable.

            Buffet Europa
            1000 Aaron Rd Ste 2, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

              1. re: Forklaw

                I live right around the corner from there. It is now a Turkish (and Mediterrnean) restaurant called "The Istanbul Restuarant". Here is the website (which doesn't really help too much):

                I haven't eaten a meal there yet, but I did stop in for some desserts. The baklava was very tasty. Surprisingly, the place was packed when I went in to pick it up - suprising, because they just opened a month or 2 ago, and that location typically doesn't do so well. So maybe they are doing something right.

                Food is reasonably priced, with most dinners in the $12-$15 range.