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Apr 5, 2009 06:10 PM

Coming to Seattle....

for Memorial Weekend.
Have Thurs eve. and Fri before 2p to enjoy. Pike's food tour? Underground tour? No tour?
What suggestions do YOU locals have. WILL NOT HAVE A CAR
Been several times and love roaming Pike's. Have eaten at: Lowell's, Steelhead and Salumi. LOVE COFFEE! Thought I'd try Matt's on Thurs eve. but, will arrive late into the city - 9P Would love a great bowl of chowder - oyster, clams or both.
What about Pan African for brunch?
Kitchen Queen in L.A.


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  1. No tour. (And not "Pike's" anything. No such place. Yes, visit the Pike Place Market, named after the street that runs through it, not belonging to someone named Pike.)

    Palace Kitchen is a good place for a late-night arrival into the city, open until 1am.

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    1. re: terrier

      The Underground Tour is alot of fun and a great way to learn about Seattle. I often take my out of town friends.

      But (to stick to the food stuff...) what about the food tours?
      Anyone been on one of the Pike Place Market Food Tours (I think there are a couple of different ones?
      They've always sounded interesting and a different and new way to see the market.

      1. re: GreenYoshi

        the tour given thru seattle parks & recreation (contact monica wort @ 206/615-0227) is an excellent one, hosted by a retired chef/teacher who lives in the market and who sat for years on the market historic commission. usually 3 hours including lunch for a minimum audience (5?)

        1. re: howard 1st

          Howard - your contact is an awesome idea! I'll call her.

      2. re: terrier

        Lunch at Matt's on Friday. I've come to enjoy lunch there more than dinner recently.

      3. I don't believe that Pan Africa is open for brunch. Lola has a great brunch and is within walking distance.