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Apr 5, 2009 05:53 PM

The King is dead; Long live the King (Arthur Flour @ Trader Joe's.

So, as of my latest visit to TJ's here in Oakland, CA., they no longer sell KA flour!! Wahh!! They have these TJ branded sacks that LOOK kinda like the KA bags, but when I asked the clerk he was nice nice enough to tell me that they're not sourced from the same place as KA. Boo on TJ's for this!!! The thread about Plugra butter no longer being carried there (because of poor sales...yeah, right) is what inspired this post. I only became a KA convert 3 years ago, but I don't wanna go back to Gold Medal...Grrr!!! They occasionally have KA @ our local safeway and smaller markets, but it's like $6.00 for 5 lbs. TJ's had such a good price on it. OK, rant over for now. I'd mail order it from their website but the charge for shipping a 5 or 10 lb. bag is like 8 or 10 bucks!!! adam

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  1. Do you have Whole Foods Market near you? They sell least the ones near me do (I am not in your state though). And their price is pretty good, plus they have a lot of different varieties of KA flours (white whole wheat is a great one!).

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      Yes, I've got a WF nearby. Thanks for the reply Poptart. What do they get for a 5 lb. of all purpose and white whole wheat? Flour prices went crazy out here last year with the "fuel crisis" and have not really come back down. KA flour is great because it has such a high protein content for AP flour (11.8% or so...), makes great pasta dough and bread. It sucks that TJ's isn't carrying it and I have NO IDEA why this moved to the "chains" board!! adam

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        Sorry to say I don't have a price tag on the bag I've got in my storage cannister...will try to check the price when I am at WF this coming week. Also, other chain supermarkets in my area carry it but their prices are no better than WF. At all places it does go on sale on occasion but that doesn't help if you are out and need some ASAP.

        I agree, KA products are great!

    2. I'm on the KA email list and they sent out an email about a month ago that Trader Joe's was no longer carrying their flour.
      The subject line was "Say it Ain't So Joe". It basically said that since KA is now widely available in many supermarkets, TJ's has decided to discontinue KA flour in their stores. "This keeps with their mission to sell their own TJ's brand products"
      The announcement thanked Trader Joes for being a reliable retailer of KA for years and for being the first to carry their flour in the Western US.

      If you have trouble finding a retailer, their site has a store locator feature, and they listed a toll-free number: 800-827-6836.
      KA is the only brand I use and I often order specialty flours, starters and other ingredients from their site. Sign up for emails and there are sometimes shipping discounts and % off (although not as often as I'd like!)

      1. Heads up hounds in Pasadena , CA.
        Saw several bags of KA unbleached at $2.99/bag last week.

        1. Have you given any thought to trying the TJ's store brand flour? The King Arthur blog post about this notes that TJ's is discontinuing carrying the King Arthur flour because they're ready to carry their own line of baking products under their own label. Maybe the flour will be good.

          1. I'm sorry, I know the news from Brooklyn, NY, doesn't help you in Oakland, but just in case any New Yorkers reading this don't know - Shoprite stocks King Arthur flours. Don't remember prices offhand, but they are reasonable, or at least not gasp-inducing. I've seen regular, bread flour, the white whole wheat, regular whole wheat, and offhand I don't remember if there are other types.

            BTW, OP - Shoprite is a run-of-the-mill supermarket, not high end, not organic, not in a hip neighborhood or anything. Have you actually checked your plain old everyday supermarket chains? They may surprise you. Or maybe King Arthur can give you a list of stores in your area.

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