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Apr 5, 2009 05:42 PM

Philly Gastropubs - Early Friday night w/kids?

My wife and I are coming into town soon with our two boys (8 and 6) and would love to eat at one of the many great gastropubs. If we tried to do this on a Friday night before 6, does anybody see a problem with this? Between Standard Tap, N. 3rd, Prohibition Tap Room, Royal Tavern, Kite and Key and other ones, does any get an early drinking scene that may make dinner with the boys a bit awkward? Are any more conducive to families than others, given that we are out of there by 7 at the latest?

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  1. Urban Saloon on Fairmount Ave. Huge place and they love kids.

    1. Earth Bread & Brewery in Mt Airy would be a good place to bring kids

      1. In the time frame you mentioned it shouldn't be a problem. But of the places you've mentioned that I've been to (Tap, Royal and N. 3rd) I've only seen children there on weekend afternoons. Earth, Bread and Brewery is definitely child friendly (although 25 minutes from Center City). Another beer joint that I'd think could absorb children at most times is Zot.

        1. Kite and Key on Callowhill. Great food and a neighborhood clientel. They have outdoor seating and the atmosphere is very low key.

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            I'd vote for this too. On a Friday at 6 you still have some of the after work drinkers, but nothing rowdy or awkward. I wouldn't call Urban Saloon a gastropub. It's a fun place for drinks but the food is only OK.

          2. Royal Tavern tends to get slammed with a happy hour crowd before dinner on Fridays, it may be tough to find a table. Standard Tap does as well, but they have a separate dining room that would be more conducive to an early family dinner.