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Apr 5, 2009 05:40 PM

Dinner for Bachelorette Party

I am throwing a bachelorette party and after dinner we will be going to Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood (Santa Monica between Fairfax and La Brea). I need a fun, yet not too expensive place for dinner before that. Please help! Thank you in advance.

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  1. It'd probably help if you put down how many are in your party, what do you consider "not too expensive," any food restrictions (veg, not spicy, none of this or that, and so on), etc. And, most importantly for the single, hetero, male foodies on here, the day you're going (kidding).

    1. A few choices: Magnolia on Sunset at Vine, a little pricier but better food is Hungry Cat on Vine between Sunset and Hollywood. On Hollywood is Bella for Italian, or Loteria Grill on Hollywood. There are so many good restaurants at a fairly low price point in that neighborhood that narrowing it down cuisine type and/or closer specs with regard to budget doesn't hurt in order to get better guidance.

      1. i threw a bachelorette party at lola's right around there last year ... they were really helpful and made a set menu for us to keep the price down low. everyone LOVED the martinis!

        1. My bachelorette party was at Lola's:
          945 N Fairfax Ave
          West Hollywood, CA 90046
          (323) 654-5652

          Very reasonably priced, everyone LOVED all the martini options, we had a semi-private room. Not sure how parking is though, since we had a limo.

          1. Bar Marmont has a great private room in the back. And they can work on a set menu for you also (everything is delish!)