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Apr 5, 2009 05:21 PM

Dinner near Symphony Hall?

We're going to be in Boston for the Marathon April 18-21 and want to take in the Boston Symphony on Saturday night, April 18.

We're a mixed group of 7 Canadians of various ages, ranging from 75+ to mid-30s.

Any suggestions with price ranges of good places to eat that aren't far from the Boston Symphony?


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  1. Good places near Symphony Hall are scarce. You will need to walk a bit. Help us out by telling us where you are staying, what kind of food you like and what you wish to spend.

    1. We always like Brasserie Jo before seeing a show there. It's French-comfort food, walkable, and usually has a nice buzz before shows. Just give yourself enough time so you're not rushing.

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        Given the makeup of your group, I agree that Brasserie Jo is a good choice. If you book now, you should have no trouble getting a reservation.

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          Third on Brasserie Jo. Added benefit: it's in a hotel (the Colonnade), so there's a taxi stand directly outside for the 75+ member(s) of your party: it would be a less than five minute ride from there to Symphony Hall. It's no more than a 10-minute walk, and that's at a slow "I just ate rather a lot of mussels" pace.

          Symphony Hall is a treat: you're really going to enjoy yourselves.

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            I also think that you should go to Brasserie Jo.

          2. Petit Robert Bistro at 480 Columbus: http://www.petitrobertbistro.com/ is nearby.

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              1. If one wants to take a 10-minute cab ride from Symphony Hall, that opens up a lot of great South End options. No reason to settle for the Wine Cellar.

              2. Fourth for Brasserie Jo. It's a nice place and prices are reasonable for that area. You can be dressed up or dressed down and be comforatable there. Food is good. Entries in the high teens to the low 20's generally. It's in the Colonnade Hotel on Huntington Ave. Not a bad walk from Symphony Hall -2 or 3 blocks, unless the elderly with you have trouble