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Apr 5, 2009 04:55 PM

Best local products?

I recently read Animal Vegetable Miracle, and it got me thinking about local produce and products, and my lack of knowledge despite living here the better part of 20 years. I'm wondering if there are favorites and recommendations from my fellow foodies!

All thoughts are welcomed - produce, baked goods, jams, local butchers, anything local to the DC/Baltimore area.


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  1. Not sure EXACTLY what you are looking for, but the obvious answer is...

    The best Farmer's Market in the DC area is at Dupont Circle on Sun. mornings. (8am - 12p?) Cheese, baked goods, jams, flowers, mushrooms, whatever is growing in season. Also some prepared foods, seafood, meat and dairy from organic farms.

    This is a producers-only market, so anyone selling has to make/grow what they sell. Which is why you shouldn't count on tropical fruits, etc. or anything imported or out of season. The other producers-only market is in Arlington on Saturday mornings. Smaller than Dupont Circle, but some very nice products.

    1. The Eastern Market has a vendor from WV in late summer they have peaches, that you can smell walking up to the stand, they are great.

      At the Penn Quarter Market I love Dolcezza.

      At the new cheese shop in Virginia they have a great selection of cheese from MD/VA that are great.

      You might also want to check out the organic butcher in McLean.

      There is also a good list of CSA's on the Wapo website.

      The amish markets in the Baltimore area are good for breads. Lots of great local bakeries in many locals.

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        Do you have any more info on the VA cheese shop or the organic butcher? They're a little out of the way, but it might be worth a trip.

        I managed to get in a CSA this year, which I'm really looking forward to.

        1. re: wickedcook17

          The cheese shop is: La Fromagerie. They had cow, sheep and goat cheese from MD and VA. They put together a platter for a friend of mine having a cocktail party with local wine and beer and local products.

          The organic butcher is pricey, but has really nice stuff. I normally get my beef and lamb from home (raised on a beef farm in Western Maryland), but when I need specialty cuts or meats, I really like the organic butcher. They normally have a listing of what they have but it appears they are getting a new website which isn't complete yet.

          If you are in that area both Pastries by Randolph and Heidelberg bakery are good. Randolph has great baguettes and croissants.

          What area are you in?

          Also it is getting closer to fruit season, I normally find the best jellies and jams are at the places you can pick your own fruit, but I normally make my own freezer jam and etc.

      2. I find the smaller the store (i.e. locally owned) is, the more local items they will carry to cater to their specific customer base. And of course farmer's markets.

        Since you are in Annapolis try the local Amish market

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          I've always been a fan of the Amish Market (and I know there's a new one in Upper Marlboro too) but I was shocked at how many products there are neither Amish-made nor local. The girls making the pretzels were using liberal amounts of Pam and they carried Dole bananas. In the cheese section, there was a sign proclaiming "Now, Amish Made Cheese" and there was exactly one choice.

        2. Manger's Meat Company in Baltimore makes halfsmokes for Ben's Chili Bowl and Weenie Beenie. They're available at Canales Meats in Eastern Market. Great bunch of people there. They also make great, cheap food around the corner at Tortilla Cafe.

          Canales Quality Meats
          225 7th St SE, Washington, DC

          Tortilla Cafe
          washington dc, washington, dc

          1. Cava Restaurant in Rockville makes some good Middle Eastern spreads that they sell in some stores. They are also opening a new restaurant in the District,